AT&T offers a Mobile Protection Pack bundle for the accident-prone user

AT&T offers a Mobile Protection Pack bundle for the accident-prone user
AT&T is now offering the Mobile Protection Pack, which bundles their mobile location service, mobile insurance, and enhanced support. The plan costs $9.99/month per each line of service.

While $9.99 sounds like an expensive addition to your contract price, it's still a significant savings over purchasing the services separately. The Enhanced Support is available separately for $9/month, and Mobile Insurance is available separately for $4.99/month, so you'll save $48/year, and get the location service.

Mobile Insurance, if you're not already familiar with it, covers you from loss, theft, accidental/liquid damage, and post-warranty malfunctions. For so-called Tier 1 devices (i.e. feature phones or basic smartphones), the deductible is $50, and Tier 2 devices (i.e. high-end smartphones) carry a $125 deductible. And iOS devices are still excluded from the insurance option.

The Enhanced Support option might sound redundant over the basic customer service, but it offers a little more hands-on advice for the greener cellphone user. It also includes priority technical support, and a wealth of online self-help options.

Studies have shown that device insurance is generally a bad investment, but that's where you'll need to exercise your own judgment. We figure that if you've lost or flooded a smartphone within the last year or two, $120 isn't a bad investment for peace of mind.

source: AT&T via Phone Scoop



1. Spear unregistered

My GF drops her phone daily. We have the insurance with TMO and have had to use it twice. Worth every penny. After three sideckicks (which were POS's anyway) She has seemed to learn her lesson and is alot more careful with the Optimus.

2. Spear unregistered

Side note: I've had the G1 since day one. Never got insuance, never needed it. Had to cash in on the warrenty once however when the screen decided to stop coming on. Still on the G1

5. Jame unregistered

at&t protection plan - 4.99$ Blackberry Protection App (I can locate, backup, send it messages and track) - $0.00

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