AT&T offering slightly less refurbished HTC Tilt2 and Pure

AT&T offering slightly less refurbished HTC Tilt2 and Pure
It can be hard to resist the temptation of getting a handset you’ve been yearning for in a refurbished form, but sometimes the extra savings can mean everything in making an informed decision. Sure it’s $50, but the difference is that one is brand spanking new while the other is refurbished – it may look new, but it also could’ve been handled by someone else previously. AT&T has started offering two great refurbished Windows Mobile 6.5 ready smartphones that are priced $50 less than their newer counterparts – the HTC Pure and Tilt2. The HTC Pure is selling for $99 while the QWERTY keyboard packing HTC Tilt2 is price at $149.99. If you can oversee the refurbished name, you’ll be treated to the same experience that you’d get from the same untouched handset.  So now instead of blowing your entire cash savings for either smartphones, you can invest that $50 in something else just in case the refurbished unit does not want to play nice.

HTC Tilt2 Specifications | Review
HTC Pure Specifications | Review

source: AT&T(Tilt 2) & AT&T(Pure) via WMExperts


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