HTC Pure Review

Introduction and Design
HTC Pure Release Date - October 05, 2009

With Verizon Wireless parading the HTC Imagio as one of the premier Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphones, the HTC Pure has geared up to claim the same stake over on AT&T. The HTC Diamond2 set the stage for all these devices – and the HTC Pure looks to retain some of the appeal that the original set forth. We’ll take a closer look to see if the HTC Pure has the stuff it takes to really stand out among the variants out there.

Unlike the HTC Imagio with its stretched out looks and larger display, the HTC Pure doesn’t deviate much from the overall footprint of the original GSM version – it’s comfortable in the hand and slips unnoticeably into any pocket. It’s predominantly covered in this glossy plastic material that attracts plenty of unwanted smudges – there’s even some glitter speckles to give it a shiny look. Everything else is almost the same – the 3.2” LCD display that has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels with support for 62k colors, layout of the hardware buttons on the front, touch sensitive zoom pad, and weight. Personally, we find the styling a bit boring and it doesn’t strike us as something appealing.

Even though it may be synonymous with the Diamond series, it doesn’t retain any hints of its former self in the HTC Pure. Gone now is the single diamond facet we saw on the rear of the original with just a plastic back cover and small metallic strip bearing the HTC logo with the 5-megapixel camera. Again we are faced with the same dilemma with its boring appearance – we feel as though it falters in attempting to captivate would be owners. Sure it may have a more offbeat look than the Imagio, but then again, it’ll ultimately come down to personal preference – go with the Pure if you prefer something compact and less inconspicuous.

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