AT&T launches AT&T Navigator

AT&T launches AT&T Navigator
The number 1 U.S. carrier released its company-branded GPS-enabled navigation service, AT&T Navigator. The new feature is available for all GPS-capable PDAs and phones and it provides audible and visual turn-by-turn driving directions, including built-in speech recognition (currently available only for BlackBerry devices) for address entry and points of interest search directly from your phone. The last option is activated when you press a single button on your phone and speak the name of the business or address you want to find and the Navigator will help you get there. The GPS service includes mobile access to YELLOWPAGES.COM, real-time traffic updates and route information, ETA calculation for every route, plus constant updates. The Navigator also provides both flow (average speed of traffic along your route) and incident information (auto accidents, freeway construction, etc.). Another interesting feature is the Gas By Price feature. It gives you directions to the nearest gas stations, sorted lowest to highest price.

The AT&T Navigator is currently available on the MOTO Z9 as well as the Samsung BlackJack II, MOTO Q, AT&T Tilt, and BlackBerry devices (8310, 8800 and 8820). AT&T Navigator will also come preloaded on GPS-enabled devices that will be offered with the carrier in the future. At present, AT&T customers with compatible handsets can get the service as a free 30-day trial. If you wish to continue the service after the trial period has ended, you can either pay a monthly subscription charge of $9.99 for unlimited routes or, for Motorola Z9 users, you can use the service with the $2.99 Day Pass option.

source: AT&T



1. driver unregistered

wtf!? with all the stupid GPS devices, what the hell man!!! i gotta be pressin buttons, looking ath the litl shit and talking to it while driving? i've never been lost anyways...

2. Bad Mojo unregistered

Every gps capable device already has gps nav software in it , the only purpose of this service is if you are looking for sth like restaurants . But if you don't know where you want to go even gps won't help you.

3. DarienA unregistered

Telenav was already preinstalled on my Tilt and Blackberry 8820, and this just looks to be a branded version of that service....

4. George unregistered

It's about time! Verizon has already had their service for like at least a year.

5. ed unregistered

Not available on iPhone....classic!

6. unregistered

its a rip off..but pay 10 bucks a month when you can just buy a gps unit and don't pay a montly fee...Use Google Maps.

7. BigBlackJacksBlackjack unregistered

at&ts slogan should be changed from this ( your world delivered ) to ( Your Wallet Drained)

8. sinfulta unregistered

I don't understand what the problem is. It's all about options. If you want to use all the features for what it's worth, then buy it. If you don't then don't. But there is consumers that do see the value in it and this is great for ATT. Google maps is terrible, It does not give you GPS turn by turn directions with audio and all the features this is offering. Good Job ATT for giving customers more options. Example folks, wasn't the standard recurring Navigator service on Verizon last year like 240k people? At $10/mo you do the math. ATT was stupid not to offer a service like Verizon and Sprint. If you don't want it, then don't use it. I'm so sick of the bickering on this forum about everything. If you have nothing to contribute or have used it to say why you like it, and reasons you don't like using it. Then keep your mouths shut. People come here for quality information. Not for a B***h fest.

9. shadow unregistered

Iphone has its own software for maps and directions.

10. N95 unregistered


11. some guy unregistered

looks just like VZ Navigator that i use, which is an AWESOME piece of software, $10 a month? i can use it for 3 years before i pay for a dash mount GPS...these cell company provided GPS systems are awesome and there is alot of money involved in it

12. rodddtackham unregistered

Talk about VZW ripoff like majorly, same interface and all

13. Dave55 unregistered

I'm new to GPS on the smartphone. I have AT&T and I can't figure out what it's going to cost to use the device. Customer Service told me that I would want to buy the Media Package, at $30 a month in addition to the $9.99 for Navigator. If I don't need to know traffic conditions, is there any reason to buy the Media Package? Thanks.

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