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AT&T is throwing a sale on its Windows Mobile handsets for "premier" customers

AT&T is throwing a sale on its Windows Mobile handsets for "premier" customers
Solid deals for a myriad of handsets can always be found somewhere on the internet, but choosing to side with sources aside from carrier web sites can sometimes force you to go on specific plans in order to get the enticing deal you're looking for. However, AT&T is now offering some of fantastic deals on all of their Windows Mobile smartphones for “premier” customers – they were actually sent an email regarding this promotion. Customers who are interested in getting down with any of their Windows Mobile handset offerings can expect fantastic deals like receiving the HP iPAQ Glisten or Samsung Jack for free, HTC Pure for $39.99, LG eXpo for $69.99, and the HTC Tilt 2 for $74.99. Those aren't too shabby when you consider the LG eXpo packs a 1GHz Snapdragon processor inside of its shell while the HTC Tilt 2 has long been a favorite top tiered Windows Mobile handset regularly priced at $199.99.  Obviously you'll need to sign a 2-year agreement to get the sale price you're looking for, but we'd imagine that most people would know that it's the customary thing to do.

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source: AT&T via WMExperts


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