AT&T gets its high-end Android phone with the Samsung Captivate

AT&T gets its high-end Android phone with the Samsung Captivate
Earlier this month, we told you that the Samsung Captivate i897 was coming to AT&T. We mentioned that it appeared to be a variant of the super spec'd Galaxy S and as it turns out, that information seems to be correct. The Samsung Galaxy S has had a little design change along with the new name, and it will become the carrier's first high-end Android phone. The specifications of the Samsung Captivate do remain the same as the Galaxy S; from the 4 inch Super AMOLED screen, to the 1GHz Hummingbird processor and 5MP camera, nothing has been touched. What is different is the casing, which has a checkerboard pattern on the back. AT&T's power users will have another choice for a handset besides the iPhone 4 once the device is launched, sometime in the coming months.

As we have told you, the Galaxy S is destined to become available on all four major U.S. carriers. We recently reported that a leaked picture of the device shows that Sprint will be getting the "Pro" variant of the phone which features a physical QWERTY keyboard. Other pictures we've shown you indicate that the Galaxy S Pro could become Sprint's second 4G enabled handset later this summer. T-Mobile is expected to launch the Galaxy S, possibly as soon as July 21st. Samsung is holding a big press conference on June 29th and we might learn more about the device and its launch schedule at that time.

Samsung Captivate I897 Specifications
Samsung Galaxy S Pro Preliminary Specifications
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source: AndroidandMe


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