AT&T earnings show over 1M new net subscribers for Q2 2014

AT&T earnings show over 1M new net subscribers for Q2 2014
Q2 2014 quarterly earnings call season marches on. Yesterday, we got the word from Verizon, Microsoft, and Apple, who all posted overall good quarters, and now we're hearing from AT&T. AT&T is also reporting solid numbers with earnings per share beating analyst expectations, despite revenue falling slightly short, and AT&T failing to grab as many new subscribers as Verizon.

As we found out yesterday, Verizon added 1.4 million new subscribers - 304,000 postpaid cell phone subs, and 1.15 million postpaid tablet subs. AT&T wasn't too far behind with just over 1 million net postpaid subscribers, but the split is much different from what Verizon had. AT&T brought in 700,000 net postpaid cell phone subscribers and 366,000 postpaid tablet subscribers. 

AT&T's wireless revenues were up 3.7% year-over-year, and wireless data billings were up almost 20% year-over-year. AT&T Mobile Share plans seemed to be the way to go as well. AT&T reported a total of 14.6 million Mobile Share accounts, making up 41 million connections. This made up about 56% of postpaid subscribers. Data plans were big with almost half of all data subscribers on 10GB per month or more. 



1. Gemmol

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its cause they the best

2. joe1blue

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If Softbank buys T-Mobile then I'll be buying a grandfather unlimited data sim on line ASAP.

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