AT&T customers jammed over 600GB of data at the Super Bowl

AT&T customers jammed over 600GB of data at the Super Bowl
Now that the dust has settled on some big football game and a bunch of multi-million-dollar-per-minute commercials, AT&T has revealed that data usage is nearly double from a year ago, and peak traffic has quadrupled in the last three years.

AT&T’s network in Northern New Jersey handled the equivalent of 1.8 million social media posts with photos. Total data usage surpassed 624GB for the period of time around and during the game, 60% more than last year’s game.

The peak usage occurred during the hour just before kick-off. Between 5 and 6PM local time, more than 119GB of data was uploaded and downloaded, 20% of the overall traffic and 50% higher than last year. In a sign that proves that sometimes people do make phone calls using their mobile phones, more than 55,000 calls were made.

The traffic is just another indicator of our continually increasing use of wireless services, social media and data use in particular. AT&T upgraded its in-stadium distributed antenna system (DAS), built a new cell site at the northern end of Times Square where there is always a party and rolled in 9 cell-sites on wheels in and around the stadium.

Based on the preparation that went into this event, we are sure that AT&T and the other major carriers are preparing for even greater network demands at next year’s Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona.

source: AT&T



1. Kishin

Posts: 706; Member since: May 30, 2013

It nearly double from last year, thats a lot of data.

2. Jayshmay

Posts: 82; Member since: Mar 27, 2011

How is that even possible when ATTs customers are limited to a miniscule 2gb/mo???

3. galanoth

Posts: 428; Member since: Nov 26, 2011

Its an average of 7.5 MB per person at 85k people.

4. Jayshmay

Posts: 82; Member since: Mar 27, 2011

Assuming ALL 85k people are ATT customers. Then in that case, their making such a big deal out of the equivalent of downloading about 2 songs?

5. ardent1

Posts: 2000; Member since: Apr 16, 2011

You are missing the point because of a bad assumption since you are spreading ATT's portion onto the entire basis (85K in attendance). The annual linear or harmonic growth rate in data is 52.36% per annum. The math is [(626/177)^(1/3)] - 1 or you can use logs to solve for the growth rate. That is to say ATT may not be able to handle that type of growth rate or consumption in data if trends continue. That growth rate is driven mostly by 4G LTE technology along with more ATT subscribers than in 2011, respectively. Recall this is just ATT data meaning NOT all of the 85K in attendance are ATT. Or, if you also ADD the data consumption by Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, et al you will have a fuller or more accurate picture of the massive increase in data consumption. Another way to look at it is suppose ATT is say 30% of the 85K in attendance, then you would normalize that number by a factor of (10/3) * 7.5 MB to get a more realistic picture or about 25 MB per person or about 6.67 songs. Therefore its 85K people downloading 6.67 songs each or about 567,000 songs. That is a lot of effen songs.

6. Gsmalltheway

Posts: 277; Member since: Aug 15, 2009

What he said

7. Jayshmay

Posts: 82; Member since: Mar 27, 2011

You lost me at this "harmonic growth rate" mumbo jumbo. Harmonic? I'm not in algebra class anymore, I don't want to be anywhere near talk like that!


Posts: 109; Member since: Mar 18, 2012

If you want to play with the big boys, you need to speak like them and understand the lingo. You mentioned that AT&T customers are limited to 2GB a month. I personally have 4GB. Where are you getting your credible information?

9. darkkjedii

Posts: 31678; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Seattle jammed Denver.

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