AT&T-bound Motorola Edison resurfaces: TI OMAP 4 processor, but no LTE?

AT&T-bound Motorola Edison resurfaces: TI OMAP 4 processor, but no LTE?
The AT&T-bound Motorola Edison is the second-generation Motorola Atrix, which in turn was the first 4G phone to hit the States. Not surprisingly, when we first saw pictures of the Edison, expectations were high. Now, a prototype of the handset has landed at Thisismynext giving more clarity about what the device will look like.

The Motorola Edison comes with a 4.3-inch qHD LCD screen, a size almost going for the new standard in recent high-end phones.

Luckily, it’s not a pentile display, so you get better clarity when compared to the original Atrix and even the somewhat similar Bionic. 

Some of you would first and foremost care about the actual performance, though, and that’s where Quadrant results come in handy. The handset scores hovered around a rather average 2,200 to 2,400, but we wouldn’t be surprise to see that number go up in the final version of the device. Under the hood, there’s a 1GHz TI OMAP 4 processor paired with 1GB of RAM.

Designwise, the Edison is curvy and reportedly feels good in the hand. It’s also relatively thin measuring around 0.39” (10mm), but this time without the camera bump on the back. The textured back cover hold an 8-megapixel camera capable of capturing 1080p videos. Underneath, there’s a 1735mAh battery. 

The biggest question about the Edison however remains its connectivity package. It seems that it couldn’t connect to AT&T’s LTE network in Chicago, which leaves HSPA+ as the only option. Hope dies last, though, and we’d keep our fingers crossed for the final unit.

On the software side, you have Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread skinned lightly with a Motorola in-house UI, which surprisingly doesn’t carry much resemblance to Blur. Finally, with 8 gigs of internal memory and expandable storage via microSD, the handset definitely has the potential to turn some eyes. The handset is expected to arrive sometime around Thanksgiving.

source: Thisismynext (All images courtesy of Thisismynext)

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