AT&T Study Abroad bundles announced for... students studying abroad

Here's a bit of news you might have missed with all that buzz surrounding the new Motorola Moto X. AT&T introduced new service packages optimized for students who are planning on studying abroad, but want to continue using their current smartphone and AT&T phone number. The AT&T Study Abroad roaming bundles combine phone calls, text messages, and mobile data, all available at a reasonable price. 

Customers who are eligible for the packages, such as students and teachers participating in a study abroad program, may opt in for 250 minutes for voice calls, 250 outgoing texts, and 250MB of data, priced at $60 monthly altogether. A better yet pricier option is available as well, providing 400 voice call minutes, 400 outgoing text messages, and 4MB of cellular data for $90 per month. 1GB of Wi-Fi internet access on eligible devices is also included in the latter package.

The AT&T Study Abroad packages will be made available on August 9 for qualifying customers. For more details, a full press release is embedded below.

source: AT&T

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