AT&T Mobility's customer records affected by data breach

AT&T Mobility's customer records affected by data breach
According to a published report, certain AT&T Mobility customers have received emails telling them that AT&T's security has been compromised. It is believed that a data breach occurred, involving customer records, between April 9th and April 21st. The breach was committed by a third party contractor that "violated security protocols and accessed customer data."

The carrier wouldn't say exactly how many of its customers were involved in the theft of customer information, but considering that AT&T has more than 100 million subscribers in the U.S., the number could be pretty high. The telecom giant made a filing in California related to the crime, which is required if more than 500 Californians are involved. AT&T hasn't commented on whether the customer information stolen, was limited to those living in the state.

The information stolen includes Social Security numbers and records of phone calls. AT&T believes that the breach was committed in order to unlock smartphones, which would allow them to be sold in the black market with support for AT&T, T-Mobile and various foreign mobile operators.

source: ITWorld, via PhoneScoop


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