AT&T Black Friday deals are now live, get free iPhone 7 with DirecTV plan

Oh, AT&T, we've been waiting with bated breath for you to announce the Black Friday deals of the season, and, as usual, you are slightly disappointing. AT&T doesn't pay all that much attention to the consumer side of its wireless business, as the business customers are where it's at for it, and was happy to bleed the low-margin subscribers over to T-Mobile to deal with in the last few quarters. 

As a result, its profit margins are the healthiest of the big US carriers, so don't expect any big giveaways to lure subscribers this holiday season, it just doesn't need to splurge on promos. We've got the usual BOGO for an older iPhone when you get DirecTV in addition to the wireless plan, the Google Smart Home ($50 off) and Home Mini ($20 off) speakers deals that everyone's offering, as well as Amazon's traditional Echo discounts, and that's about it. Happy Holidays!

source: AT&T

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