ASUS responds to claims that the Garminfone isn't selling well

ASUS responds to claims that the Garminfone isn't selling well
After news surfaced recently that bode some ominous tones hinting that T-Mobile's Garminfone was not selling well, ASUS came out with a response to those speculations. Naturally this would be one of the responses you'll see from a company whose attention will be stirred when unconfirmed sales figures are thrown around into the mix of business. ASUS went on the record to deny the recent analyst speculation that a mere 20,000 Garminfone handsets were sold, but unfortunately, there wasn't much confidence in their denial as they did not spit out an accurate figure for sales. Instead, they took the light approach by saying that the phone was selling “as previously planned.” In addition, they mentioned in how it “received positive demand from the consumer market” but doesn't quite tell the true telling if customers are gobbling it up. As we've witnessed on numerous occasions, we've seen manufacturers come straight out and praise their handsets if it was able to establish some impressive sales. Conversely, others are more low key if it proves to be lackluster – so even though ASUS responded to those accusations, it remains unclear if it has a positive effect on consumers.

Garmin-Asus Garminfone Specifications | Hands-on

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