ARM gathers the best NFC and nano-SIM minds to coin a security solution for mobile chipsets

ARM gathers the best NFC and nano-SIM minds to coin a security solution for mobile chipsets
ARM has invited Gemalto and Giesecke & Devrient to come up with the ultimate hardware-based security solution for our mobile devices. The result should be ARM's TrustZone embedded security, which has been present in its Cortex line of chip designs, bur brought up to speed with the modern times of NFC-enabled mobile payments and nano-SIM connection standards.

Gemalto is providing the secure network authentication in current SIM cards, and has working NFC solutions in mobile payments pilot programs - for more info read our dedicated article here. It got in the spotlight last year when Apple was allegedly asking for a programmable SIM card that will let you choose your carrier via an app and provide NFC payments functionality. The EU carriers went ballistic over the rumor and threatened to cut iPhone subsidies, so Apple eventually gave up on the idea.

Giesecke & Devrient sprang to fame recently as the company that made the nano-SIM card, and the subsequent ultimate fighting championship among Apple and EU carriers on one hand, and Nokia, RIM and Motorola at the other over the upcoming nano-SIM standard.

Read the full press release below for all the juicy details about how our smartphones and tablets will be kept from prying digital eyes in the future.


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1. kabdwal

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Apple has announced to make the Nano SIM as royalty free for other service providers if they got the patient of the same, but on the other hand Nokia threatened to withdraw his patients in the mobile technology if apple’s design becomes the standard..​s-apple/ thanks for the valuable information phonearena :)

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