A foldable Samsung tablet pops up in a patent

A foldable Samsung tablet pops up in a patent
It's no secret that display tech is one of Samsung's main research focuses in recent years. We've already seen prototypes of flexible and foldable displays, and, of course, we've seen two fine Samsung phone models witch curved displays – those being the Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy S6 edge. There have been rumors that the company is working on foldable devices, which would be able to switch from mini tablets to much larger counterparts with just a flip – sort of like a book. These were reinforced by patent leaks, which showed illustrations of the would-be devices.

Well, we are pretty sure that it will be quite some time before such tech is ready for mass production, but it seems that Sammy has more than one design patent of such a device. While what we've seen before was a book-like tablet, with the two halves of the screen folding up against one another, this new leak shows a much more futuristic-looking gizmo. Looking a bit like a Galaxy Note Edge, with a slant on the right side of its display, the device, which appears to be a tablet, can unfold in three sheets that presumably form one large screen.

Of course, the fact that it's a patent doesn't necessarily mean that we will be seeing it in the near future, or ever, as we've seen a lot of patented gizmos or ideas that never seem to see the light of day. Still, we are pretty sure that Samsung is seriously considering the idea of building some type of foldable device.

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