70 iPhones stolen in daylight robbery, crooks arrested

70 iPhones stolen in daylight robbery, crooks arrested
2 men accused of using a handgun and a shotgun to rob an AT&T store of 70 iPhones were arrested by the police. Last Thursday, the two armed men, 20 year old Wayne Esteen and 21 year old Ronnie Davis, forced employees to lock the door to the store in Lake Forest California, and hand over boxes of cellphones which included about 70 of Apple's touchscreen smart phone. Also taken was thousands of dollars of cash. When the two men were captured on Monday, none of the iPhones were recovered and authorities suspect that the phones might have been sent to other countries where they could have been jailbroken and sold to work on local networks.

There are reports that Apple has been working on a way to use its MobileMe service to help find lost or stolen iPhones. In this case, the phones were not activated so the new service would not have been able to help find the handsets. This new feature is expected to be part of the Apple 3.0 software release coming this summer.

source: O C Register via CNET



1. chupum

Posts: 115; Member since: Feb 10, 2009

Well, it sucks that they might not get the merchandise back, but at least they were caught with, what seems like, undeniable evidence.

2. SprintPower

Posts: 74; Member since: Dec 29, 2008

Huh? Undeniable evidence? What article did YOU read? They weren't caught with the merchandise and no mention of the loot. In fact no mention at all of how they caught them. Go back to sleep.

3. chupum

Posts: 115; Member since: Feb 10, 2009

I assume that the suspects were positively identified and are in custody. Along with, what looks to be, a digital copy of security tapes? Or is that just some random photo of a guy with a hat in the picture above? I just figured I read between the lines, you know critical thinking... Wake up buddy. =)

4. Wayne Esteen unregistered

i agree with SprintPower

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