7 Android overclocking apps to get the most out of your rooted device

7 Android overclocking apps to get the most out of your rooted device
Overclocking, as you may know already, is forcing a computer or component to run on a faster clock frequency than what the manufacturer intended for normal usage circumstances. A true hallmark of a hardware enthusiast that stretches towards devices as unpredictably overclock-able as the Sega Genesis, overclocking trades processing speed for increased power consumption and heat generation - a challenge entire overclocking teams pride themselves in taking.

Of course, it's no surprising that overclocking has been alive and well on Android since the operating system's dark ages. In fact, if you are still rocking a veteran device and want to give it a little speed boost - these benefit greatly from a frequency bump, by the way - root it and get going with some of the apps listed below. Another thing you can do is install a custom ROM and kernel with built-in overclocking tools! But whatever you choose to do, don't push your smartphone's tiny processor harder than it should go. System instability aside, there is a very real risk of meltdown.


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