60% of Android phones now run 2.1; TCBY congratulates Google on Froyo build

60% of Android phones now run 2.1; TCBY congratulates Google on Froyo build
Thanks to the combination of new models launched with Android 2.1, and older handsets receiving upgrades to the build, the 2.1 iteration of Google's open source OS now runs on nearly 60% of all Android handsets. In the last two weeks, Google says that Android 2.1 has gone from running 55.5% of Android phones, to 59.7%.  The rise comes at the expense of  Android 1.5 and 1.6. Those two builds have seen their combined share drop to 35.6% from 41% two weeks ago. Meanwhile, Android 2.2 has risen to owning 4.5% of the Android pie from 3.3% in the prior bi-weekly report. We should see a jump in that category in the next report as some big time Android devices like the Motorola DROID and the HTC Desire receive the 2.2 build. As we reported, owners of the EVO 4G have already been served their Froyo, but it came too late for inclusion in this latest report.

Speaking of Froyo, TCBY couldn't pass up the chance to align itself with a hot consumer item like Android cellphones and decided to plant 300 palettes of sod in the 20 acres next to the Googleplex. The purveyor of frozen yogurt added a note that reads, "TCBY Frozen Yogurt...We Think the New Android 2.2 Fro-Yo Upgrade is Sweet!" We couldn't agree more.

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source: AndroidandMe (Android 2.1 marketshare), AndroidGuys (TCBY)



1. ggp unregistered

um, the sod thing is fake. had you looked at the picture you could see it's clearly photoshopped. It concerns me that you continuously report unconfirmed things you pick up from other websites as truth.

3. badfish unregistered

If you read the article it never said that TCBY mowed or carved anything into the sod, just planted it....the graphic is for effect....

2. Raul Boatman unregistered

What concerns me is people attacking PA first without reading the story. If you read it you would have seen that TCBY sent a note with that comment. They planted sod next to the Googleplex. If you go to the source you will see that the picture was just a note.

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