50 Apple tablets found on the internet are really iPhones?

50 Apple tablets found on the internet are really iPhones?
Analyics company Flurry has spotted on the internet what it believes to be usage of the upcoming Apple tablet. The devices IPs and GPS show that the product has not left the Cupertino campus of Apple, which brings on suspicion that these are prototype units getting tested. Flurry also says that its app tracking matches the characteristics of the rumored tablet with games, entertainment and book apps getting downloaded the most. This would dovetail with reports that the Apple tablet would have strong e-reading capabilities and also would focus on gaming. But games are the most popular app for the iPhone and Flurry tracks only 200 out of the 100,000 plus possible choices in the App Store.

Flurry claims that its work shows the devices running a unreleased version of the iPhone OS, 3.2. Current iPhones run 3.1.2. According to Wired's Gadget Lab, this is where Flurry's argument comes up short because in their opinion, the tablet will run some new, modified version called something like "iSlateOS'. Furthermore, the apps for the tablet are expected to be tweaked versions of what is available for the iPhone, so they wouldn't necessarily show up on Flurry's analytics. The bottom line, says Wired, is that what Flurry might be tracking is testing of  a fourth generation iPhone and even that assessment would require some leaps of logic.

source: Flurry via Wired

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