5-in-1 Android automation app Agent is now free for all

5-in-1 Android automation app Agent is now free for all
Device automation Android apps are probably not getting the true credit they deserve, but they can make your life much easier, if you put a little time and effort in setting them up right. Agent is one of those automation apps that doesn't have you learn coding to set tasks, times and execution for your smartphone and tablet actions.

The devs tout it as a "5-in-1", on account of the fact that it offers five "agents" you can set up, instead of dealing with individual apps for their tasks. These include a battery saver that only doles out juice when you need it, with various steps you can alter to get there. An agent can also silence the phone when sleeping or in meetings, and even guide you to your car in a parking garage, and so on.

The best of all - now the two-month old phone automation app is completely free, so you can head over to the source link, download it, and see for yourself the benefits of making your phone do what it is told and for when it is told.

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source: Agent (Google Play)

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