5 hidden Chrome for Android features that you can make use of right now

5 hidden Chrome for Android features that you can make use of right now
The Android version of Google's Chrome browser is now installed on anywhere between 500 million and 1 billion devices, making it by far the most popular mobile browser in existence. There are a few reasons it's so popular, and while some of them have nothing to do with how good it is (e.g., Google requires its partners to pre-install it on their devices), it is hard arguing it's anything but a top notch product – our recent, in-depth review of Android browsers agrees.

Not everyone is a fan of Chrome, however, specifically because its feature set is, relatively speaking, a bit limited. Indeed, with a few small exceptions, Chrome is basically all about the content, and that's obviously a sought effect. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't have a few tricks up its sleeve – it's just that those are hidden well enough that the typical user will never find them unless he knows where to look. And sure, these are experimental, but in our experience they work well enough for us to feel comfortable recommending that you check them out.

Since Chrome has literally dozens of these (many of which quite technical), we only shortlisted 5 features that can actually be of use to you when browsing the web. Check them out.

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