5 extended battery cases for the iPhone 6

5 affordable iPhone 6 extended battery cases
While Mophie and the other players in the big case and accessory league are taking their sweet time releasing extended battery cases for the iPhone 6 and the larger 6 Plus, smaller manufacturers are already filling the void, and with very enticing propositions at that, most of which will be available by the end of the month, or can be had right now.

The iPhone 6 is a fine piece of hardware - we found it to be fast, sleek, with a luminant display, and great camera quality, but it is marred by one major drawback - its battery life. The iPhone 6 scored in the middle of our smartphone battery benchmark rankings, achieving just a little over six hours of screen-on time. This means that you'd still have to charge it every day with normal usage, like its predecessor, while some Android flagships are now on the two-day stretch, and even a three day usage on a charge isn't out of the question with some midrangers carrying the green robot inside.

That is why the iPhone 6 is in a dire need of case, both to hide the unsightly back, and to add some needed girth to the ultrathin handset. We kid, but a battery case would stick like a spoon in butter on the new iPhone 6, providing you both with protection, and two-day smartphone-ing out of Apple's finest. Here are a few of those that are currently available, and we will be adding more when they hit the market.

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