4K video at super smooth 60 fps on your phone? New OmniVision sensor coming later this year makes it possible

4K video has been one of the highlights of the great improvements that have come with modern camera phones. However, up until now, you could only record 4K video at 30 fps, and we've already seen that super smooth, 60 fps video looks much better for certain cases and is a great option to have.

Luckily, a new 12-megapixel sensor by Omnivision, the O12890, brings the company's PureCelPlusS pixel technology that allows 4K video capture at 60 fps, as well as 1080p recordings at 240 fps for a super slow-motion effect that slows down action 8 times.

Keep in mind that you can also slow down 4K 60 fps video footage down to 24 fps range for a nearly 2.5 time slow motion effect, while preserving the crisp detail of 4K resolution.

The new OV12890 sensor is manufactured in a 10 x 10 mm module with a vertical height of 6 mm. The sensor is now sampling and mass productions is expected to start in the last quarter of 2016.

source: DPreview


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