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4G LTE now available on Mount Everest, seriously

Posted: , by Nick T.

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4G LTE now available on Mount Everest, seriously
Planning on visiting Mount Everest anytime soon? Us neither, to be honest. Those who are going to see, and probably challenge, the world's highest peak, however, will have access to 4G LTE cellular connectivity. Yes, seriously, there's LTE on Mount Everest now. 

Huawei and China Mobile are the ones who deserve credit for that. Last week, they deployed their 4G LTE towers at Mount Everest base camp, located at an altitude of 5200 meters above sea level. At a ceremony to commemorate the network expansion event, the two companies demonstrated their infrastructure's capabilities in front of about 200 guests, who witnessed video being streamed live in HD over LTE straight from the Everest base camp. 

"Bringing 4G to Mount Everest marks an important milestone in global LTE TDD development. We are very excited to make this possible, and look forward to working with more operators worldwide to bring high-speed mobile broadband services anytime and anywhere", said David Wang, president of Huawei Wireless Networks.

China Mobile has been offering cellular services near Mount Everest 24/7 since 2008 in partnership with Huawei. The latter is now providing 4G LTE service equipment for nearly 40 carriers throughout Asia, North America, South America, the Middle East, Western Europe, Russia, and Africa. 

source: Tech One 3

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posted on 08 Jul 2013, 03:27

1. MartianMe (unregistered)

Great!!!...Packing right now...

posted on 08 Jul 2013, 04:16 2

2. tatail (Posts: 259; Member since: 08 Jan 2010)

Next is the moon..

posted on 08 Jul 2013, 07:58 1

3. Insignificant (Posts: 192; Member since: 22 Sep 2012)

Uh oh. Tweets from the top of the world. Everest is going to lose all its respect...

posted on 08 Jul 2013, 14:44

4. SprintGuy26 (Posts: 229; Member since: 21 Mar 2011)

do sum speed test...

posted on 08 Jul 2013, 17:27

5. MartianMe (unregistered)

What?.....No one is going to thumb me up?......You guys suck.

posted on 09 Jul 2013, 17:01 1

6. androidfanboy (Posts: 162; Member since: 24 Jun 2013)

The red thumbs down was removed

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