4 things you can buy for $2000 instead of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

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4 things you can buy for $2000 instead of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is officially here and so is its price tag. Despite earlier rumors of a considerable price cut in comparison to the original Fold, the successor adopted the same price at launch - $1,999. Samsung has upgraded and improved the design of the OG Fold, no doubt about it but we all kinda expected to see these foldable devices getting more affordable with each generation. Well, that’s not the case, obviously and now it’s time to see what could you get for $2000 if you decide to skip on the Galaxy Z Fold 2. It’s only logical.

Things you can buy instead of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

#1 I really want a foldable phone!

We feel you! Two years have passed since Royole showed a glimpse of the foldable future at CES 2018. The FlexPai phone was terrible, to be honest, but hinted at what was about to come. Now, two years later, the choice of foldable phones is still severely limited. Fret not, though, as choice there is, nonetheless, and prices have actually gone down with some devices.

If you want the Fold experience at any cost (well, obviously any but that eye-watering $2,000 one) there’s a renewed Samsung Galaxy Fold, which will set you back just $1,179.99. The phone is eligible for a replacement or refund within 90 days of receipt if you are not satisfied under the Amazon Renewed Guarantee, so it’s not as wild a gamble as it might seem.

Total: ~$1,900
You save: $100

And then, there’s the Galaxy Z Flip. Technically, it is a full-fledged foldable, although with a different form factor. You can have one for $1,380 at BestBuy. Then you can buy a massage chair and reinforce the feeling of fulfillment that you made the right decision. It’s a great bundle if you ask us, whenever you feel a bit stiff about owning a foldable phone (so many things can go wrong!), you can get a massage and just carry on.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review

#2 Digital detox bundle 

Maybe you’re tired of this technology arms race and just want some peace and quiet? The switch from a foldable phone to the ultimate camping bundle might seem a bit extreme but it can also give you something special - your long-forgotten freedom. So, grab a big and cozy tent, a good portable grill, and maybe a telescope for those starry nights, throw-in a comfortable inflatable mattress and you’re all set. You'll save a grand, too, if you still wanna buy a phone when you get back to civilization.

Total: ~$923
You save: $1,077 (to get the Fishing enthusiast bundle)

#3 Fishing enthusiast bundle

You can actually combine this one with the Digital detox bundle. If you're serious about fishing, you can use those spare $1000 to buy a small fishing boat, plus some good rods and accessories. Of course, if the "tenting" part is not your thing, you can still get the boat and use it on the weekends. We're not reinventing the wheel here but sometimes it's much better to stare at the fishing rod float than at a smartphone's screen, flexible or not.

Total: ~$740
You save: $1,260 (to get the Digital detox bundle)

#4 Unleash your inner talent bundle (Musician Edition)

Smartphones are everywhere now. You get them, you use them, you throw them away. Without sounding too spiritual, you can achieve something truly precious with the money you'd otherwise spend on a foldable phone. We won't banter about how music is great and will make you calmer, smarter, happier and so on. It actually will, though. And there's one more thing. If you think you don't have the ear, you can train it like every other skill out there. A miniscule portion of the population is actually tone deaf but we're talking about something like 4%. Everybody else have the potential to go out and be a rock star. 

Total: ~$1,977 (the Whole Band experience)
You save: $33 (for beer, obviously)

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