$35 Android tablet available for students in India

$35 Android tablet available for students in India
While spoiled brats around the world cried on Twitter last week because they didn’t get an iPad for Christmas, there many people who can’t even fathom the cost of an iPad. That is why a joint venture between London-based DataWind and the Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan was created to create the Aakash.

The Aakash is the world’s cheapest touch-screen tablet. It only costs $50 to manufacture and usually retails for $60. In order to make technology more accessible to the poor, the Indian government is now subsidizing the Android-based device to students in the nation. The final cost – just $35.

While it has been reported that the device has poor sound quality, occasional freezing, and no access to the Android Market, for only $35 students do get a 7” tablet with 366 MHz ARM-based processor, 256 MB RAM, Wi-Fi, Micro-SD slot, and access to GetJar for apps. Not a bad deal.

source: Daily Mobile

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