3 new BlackBerry handsets on the way?

3 new BlackBerry handsets on the way?
According to BGR, the little pitter patter of brand new BlackBerry devices will soon be heard. Although we know only a few of the specs, we are anxious to see more. The BlackBerry Onyx has a QWERTY keyboard, is Wi-Fi enabled (no support for UMA), runs on GSM/UMTS, offers a camera, a display with 480x360 resolution and may be heading to AT&T. The BlackBerry Driftwood has all of the same exact features other than resolution and the fact that it does support UMA, which points the spinner at T-Mobile. The tough sounding BlackBerry Magnum alsohas the same specs as the Onyx, including the screen resolution and the lack of UMA support, and also is expected to be going to be sold by Ma Bell. We've no idea what the difference between the two will be, probably different form factor? All three models will have 3G connectivity and be part of the 9000 series that currently features the Bold and the Storm.

BGR also has information that RIM might be offering a UMA-capable version of the Bold. That could mean we will see a variant of the first 3G 'Berry for T-Mobile or Rogers up north. And remember that undressed, trackball-less BlackBerry Gemini we showed you last month? The same information leads to the idea that the Gemini is not one device but a whole line of RIM devices and might just be a refresh of the Curve line-up.

With the launch of App World behind them, very good earnings reported, and some enticing spy shots out for viewing, RIM has a lot of fans just waiting on the edge of their seats for the official announcement of the next BlackBerry device.

source: BGR

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