1v1 blind camera comparison: you choose the better phone - Nexus vs iPhone


It has been a couple of weeks since we brought you our last blind camera comparison. In case you missed it, it was between the LG G3  and the Sony Xperia Z3, of which the latter won the majority of the votes, as we subsequently revealed. Today, we're giving you another blind camera comparison stacking two highly-acclaimed smartphones against each other. It is up to you – our readers – to decide which has taken the better photos.

Below you'll find images of five different scenes taken with these two mysterious handsets. The slideshows contain close-up crops of the frame, which you can conveniently compare side by side, along with uncropped, high-res images scaled to a resolution 8 megapixels. All shots were taken using the cameras' default settings, at 4:3 aspect ratio, with HDR turned off. All we ask from you is to take a look at the images, pick a favorite, and vote for it at the bottom of this post. Expect us to reveal the two phones' identities in a few days. 

Scene 1

These images were taken on a sunny afternoon, about an hour before sunset. It was that time of the day when the sun treats us to its warm, pleasant glow. There are plenty of details to examine across the entire scene. The shot is also suitable for judging whether or not colors have been preserved with their natural beauty. 

Scene 2

Several minutes later, a narrow pathway took us to this spot. The scene contains plenty of areas where fine details are present, such as the foliage covering the ground and the texture of the mossy stones. 

Scene 3

Now let's see which of the two phones is better at capturing naturally bright and vivid colors – whether any of them have overdone their saturation or "burned" those brightly-lit areas.

Scene 4

Here's a shot ideal for judging which camera produces better detail. Areas of the same color are suitable for examining the amount of digital noise present in the image.

Scene 5

And lastly, these two photos were taken at our office in a spot where light wasn't exactly plentiful, but it wasn't scarce either. Take a closer look and see how much detail and digital noise are contained in the images.

Which phone took better photos?

Nexus 6 (Phone 1)
iPhone 6 Plus (Phone 2)

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