$18 Lightning to 30-pin adapter hits Amazon

First third-party Lightning to 30-pin adapters show up on Amazon for $10-18
For something as basic as a cable converter, the Lightning to 30-pin adapter sure is pricey. Each iPhone 5 user who wants to use their existing accessories will have to drop anything from $29 to $39 in order to get one from Apple. That is because the gizmo isn't a passive device – inside it is contained a tiny chip inside that handles digital-to-analog signal conversion., which is why the converter comes at a steeper price than one would expect.

Thankfully, alternatives have already popped up on Amazon and are retailing for considerably less. The adapter you see in the photo is priced at $18 and is being offered by a third-party company called Nanotch. It won't be ready to ship for a while, however, given that it can only be pre-ordered at this time. As it is stated in its description, it enables iPhone 5 owners to use their old accessories and features a 20 centimeter long cord.

But can a third-party accessory maker be trusted? Well, we cannot really say with absolute certainty until enough user feedback have been submitted. On one hand, unofficial 30-pin to USB cables have been around for years and have been working just fine. But on the other, you get what you pay for, so early buyers should proceed at their own risk before hitting that "Add to cart" button.

source: Amazon via 9to5Mac
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