15 best open world games with great graphics for Android and iOS

15 best open-world games for Android and iOS
We’re back at it again and this time, we’re bringing you not 10, but the 15 best open-world games! Open world games are all about freedom of movement and giving you the choice to create your own adventures in the given environment. 

Creating a massive digital world requires a lot of resources, however, and since we’re looking for the best games, there will be a few paid ones among them. That’s not such a bad thing, as it also gets rid of annoying ads and other practices developers use to make money out of you.

But enough talking, we have many games to go through, so let’s get to it!

Frostborn: Coop Survival

Price: Free

Frostborn is a cool RPG that mixes a few popular genres. One one hand, you have your own character that you can customize as you see fit and train as one of three available classes. After that, there's the usual RPG element of completing missions and levelling up. But there's also a survival element in it. You have to gather resources and upgrade your base in order to successfully defend from enemies. To do that, you can partner up with other real players, where the MMO element of the game comes in. The graphics are also quite good so your whole experience will be in an environment that's nice to look at.

MadOut2 BigCityOnline

Price: Free
What do you get when you combine the subreddit “a-normal-day-in-russia”, GTA and Need For Speed? Well, MadOut2 BigCityOnline is the closest thing you can get for an answer. Create a racing monster out of your favorite Lada, drive around looking to either fight or race other gopniks [гопник] or just straight up shoot them, it’s all up to you. The game allows for up to 100 players on a map, so keep an eye for others looking to do the same to you. MadOut2 is hilariously entertaining thanks to the environment the developers chose to make it in and you’ll have hours of fun playing it.

Off the Road

Price: Free

Another game with about driving but Off the Road takes it to a whole new level. You can take control of anything from boats to trains to helicopters, including all sorts of wheeled vehicles like trucks and even harvesters! Every machine offers a different set of challenges and the open world is your playground. The game features realistic mud mechanics and tire pressure simulation, both are something you rarely hear about games, especially mobile ones. If you’re itching for an off-road adventure, you can’t go wrong with this game.

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Second Galaxy

Price: Free

With the Eve: Online mobile game still in development, Second Galaxy is your best option for space exploration. Thousands of star systems at your fingertips, spaceships from tiny to enormous, battles like you’ve only seen in Star Wars movies, Second Galaxy has it all. Sure, enjoying the beauty of space is not the same when it’s done through your phone’s display, but having a game as expansive as this in your palms is still quite impressive. If you’re a Sci-Fi geek that’s run out of TV shows to watch, Second Galaxy is here to fill that void.

Tempest Pirate Action RPG

Price: $7.99 on iOS, Free on Android

From the vastness of space, we’re going back to the vastness of Earth’s oceans. If battles with lasers and rockets are too chaotic for you, then you’d probably find the slow pace of seafaring more enjoyable. Choose your own pirating style: hire a crew, customize your ship and voyage the seas, completing missions and fighting mythical creatures in the process. Both ships and water look amazing and with such games, there’s little else that matters in terms of visuals. Steer the ship, aim the canons and plunder the bounty, all in a day’s work in Tempest Pirate Action RPG!

Genshin Impact

Price: Free

Genshin Impact is one of the newest and most popular RPGs. The world is vast and the graphics are reminiscent of the style of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild, which is a compliment. The characters are diverse and enjoyable to play with, which gives the game a ton of value in terms of replayability. What's even best is you can play with your friends across different platforms and explore this amazing world together, fighting enemies like never before. If you're a fan of these types of games, you have to try Genshin Impact!


Price: $7.99 on iOS, Free on Android

Oceanhorn is an older game but that doesn't mean it's not good enough to be on this list. And what's even better is that it's now free on Android. On iOS you still have to pay $8 for it, or you can enjoy the sequel, Oceanhorn 2 on Apple Arcade. The game has cheerful, cartoony graphics and offers a wide range of environments for you to explore and search for loot while killing an enemy here and there. It might not have the most awesome visual effects but it will do the trick when you need to kill some time and would rather not play something too heavy on the senses.


Price: Free

Six-Guns is set in a far more realistic world: that of the wild west. The game adds a twist to it, however, pushing the guns to the extreme in terms of design and capabilities, all in the name of fun. You still get to explore the world on the back of your trusty horse but you can be equipped with anything from a steam-powered chainsaw to a flamethrower. Of course, to get the coolest ones you’ll need to put in the effort but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a good time. Six-Guns might not be Red Dead Redemption, but it’s as good as you get on mobile.

Goat Simulator

Price: Free

Goat Simulator took the world by storm with its sheer absurdity and we couldn’t have passed on it. It’s a game that takes nothing seriously, embraces bugs and provides hours of hilarious gameplay. As you might imagine, the game is as far from an actual simulation of a goat’s life as you can imagine, although goats do love to headbutt things and you’ll do a lot of in this game. If we have to describe Goat Simulator in one word, it’s “mayhem”, and the best type of it at that!

Wolf Tales

Price: Free

Don't want to play as a goat? How about a wolf instead? Unlike Goat Simulator, Wolf Tales takes roleplaying very seriously. You have to defend your territory, fight other wolves in PvP battles and even breed wolf pups to make your pack stronger. There are different types of wolves you can unlock, with their own skills and abilities. This game is no joke. If you're into wolves or wild animals in general, you'll have a blast playing Wolf Tales. There's more content in it than you thought there might be in a game like this. Which is always good news, so why not give it a try?

Stardew Valley

Price: $4.99

The world of Stardew Valley might not be vast but it more than makes up with the things you can do in it. If you haven't heard of Stardew Valley, you might be sceptical at first, but if you decide to spend the $5 and give it a try, you won't be disappointed. The game is fun to play, relaxing and satisfying. The music and sound effects fit the style of the gameplay perfectly, making for a very enjoyable experience. You'll sink hours in it without even realizing it. It's also available on PC if you want to play it on a bigger screen and with a keyboard and a mouse, which makes things a lot easier.

Dawn of Isles

Price: Free

Dawn of Isles is an MMORPG that visually resembles The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by masterfully combining models in colors into something that’s a joy to look at. As the title suggests, the world is made of different islands your adventures will take you through and each has something unique to offer. Beyond the standard RPG elements, you also have some crafting to do, to make your in-game life easier. If you have a couple of bored friends that can join you, it’s guaranteed to be exponentially more fun, so gather your party and suit up!

Sky: Children Of Light

Price: Free

Sky: Children of Light is basically what you’ll get if Alto’s Odyssey became a 3D adventure game. The style is similar, with pastel, eye-pleasing colors and locations that make you feel like you’re in a dream. The world of Sky is full of wonders and secrets for you to uncover. Its chill atmosphere will make you feel more like meditating than gaming. The developers promise to keep expanding the game with new areas and events so if you decide to jump into it, there will be plenty to do now and in the future.

GTA: San Andreas

Price: $6.99

You didn’t think we’ll talk about open-world games without mentioning GTA, did you? Sure, the graphics look dated even for a mobile game, but that’s still the San Andreas we love. The storyline is long and engaging but if you’re not one to follow a predetermined path, you’re free to do whatever you want in the three cities the map covers or the secretive areas tucked between them. Do we need to say more? It’s a GTA game, you know what to do!


Price: $6.99

Last, but definitely not least, comes the global phenomenon Minecraft. We can end it at that, there’s hardly a person left that doesn’t know what Minecraft is all about. What’s more open-world than a world you can change into literally anything you want to? The gameplay Minecraft provides is not measured in hours, not even in days. People spend years playing this game and still enjoy it as much as they did on day one. If somehow you’ve never heard of it before, you’re in for quite a ride!

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