12Hours is an Android clock widget and a daily schedule visualizer in one

If there's one thing that the Google Play store has a ton of, that would be clock widgets. They come in all shapes and sizes – from cute and colorful to stylish and minimalist – so there's pretty much something for the needs and tastes of everyone. Few of these Android clock widgets, however, go beyond their basic functionality of telling the current time. 12Hours, on the other hand, is a bit different. 

At a glance, 12Hours is just a simple clock widget with clean, minimalist design. What sets it apart, however, is that it pulls data from the user's calendar (or calendars). The widget visualizes their schedule for the next 12 hours by marking an area on the clock, thus presenting the user with an instant overview of their daily agenda. Sure, it may not sound like much, but those who actively use their calendars on a daily basis will appreciate the widget's concept.

Furthemore, 12Hours can be configured to act as a shortcut to an app of your choice, which is pretty neat. Tapping on its center launches the specified app, while the outer edges of the widget display the user's calendar.

12Hours comes in several different sizes – it can be as small as an icon, or large enough to occupy a phone's home screen. At this time, there are only a couple of face designs available, but further customization settings should be implemented sooner than later. The widget is free and will not annoy you with ads. 

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