12% of moms use their mobile phone during sex

12% of moms use their mobile phone during sex
We recently told you that one in four women would give up sex for a year instead of their tablet. We also told you than a third of Americans would rather giver up sex for a week than give up their handset. Now, a poll of 1,041 moms by Meredith's Parent Network reveals that 12% of them have used their cell phone during sex. MILC?

The story, which was published in the New York Daily News, revealed that 21% of moms use their phone in the bathroom. Some New Yorkers were aghast. 27 year old Jenaya White from Harlem said, "I don’t take it to the bathroom, and I don’t use it during sex. I’m not paying attention to my phone when that’s going on." Another Harlem resident, 37 year-old Laverne Reid said, "I’ve used it in the bathroom ’cause I’m texting and stuff like that, but sex? No," she said. "When we finish, I get on my phone but not during."

The study, titled "Moms & Media 2," focused on mothers born between 1977 and 1994, with children aged zero to 12. More than 80% of those who responded have their own Facebook account. Still, 53% of mom polled said that social networking sites are a waste of time and 38% get annoyed by the attention their friends place on updating their social status.

source: DailyNews

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