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10 yummy cooking apps and accessories for the iPad

10 yummy cooking apps and accessories for the iPad
Apple's iPad quickly sprung to fame as the ultimate cooking companion. A lot of people who were carrying their laptops with them in the kitchen so as not to mess up new recipes where timing is crucial, switched to the compact tablet.

Then app developers capitalized on this trend by outing graphically rich and useful cooking applications for beginners and seasoned veterans alike, while accessory makers outfitted your tablet with gear suitable for its new role.

Whether a 20-minute wrap, or a greasy gourmet dinner that gets prepped for hours, your iPad can start you off with suggestions, then make a shopping list for the supermarket, compare the nutritional value of the ingredients there, show you step-by-step recipe with pictures, and even run videos of celebrity chefs cooking the same thing to keep you inspired. In the end, it dings when the food should be prepped for serving. Bon Appétit!

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