10 memorable Nokia handsets that will never be forgotten

10 memorable Nokia handsets that will never be forgotten
Nokia has been making a lot of noise of late, especially when its Lumia 900 is now all official – with pricing and all. Currently, we’re at the moment right before the storm when it’s all calm, but we know that something big is about to happen in the near futures. No doubt there are going to be high expectations riding on the back of the Nokia Lumia 900, especially when top-shelf Nokia devices have been a rarity in the US market. However, before it’s able to singe itself into the memory of consumers all around, we really need to look back and pay homage to the past devices that have seemingly proliferated Nokia’s presence.
Ranging from barebones handsets long discontinued, to some smartphones that have made their impact, there’s no arguing there are quite a few memorable ones that panned out to become successful. Some of us may be spoiled, but without a doubt, these devices need to remembered in order to knowingly comprehend what the upcoming Nokia Lumia 900 will need to live up to. Without any further interruption, we present to you 10 memorable Nokia devices that will never be forgotten. Let us know what others you believe should’ve made the list.

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