*** Updated with official brochure: Unlimited Calling coming to Verizon!!

This article contains unofficial information.
*** Updated with official brochure: Unlimited Calling coming to Verizon!!
*** UPDATED: We have obtained the officialbrochure about the Unlimited Calling plans expected to be announcedtoday or tomorrow!

We have been told by severalinsiders that starting on 2/19 Verizon will be offering Unlimited VoiceCalling Plans. This was first spotted by an advertisement that Verizonhad on the USA TODAY’s web site this weekend, but has since beenremoved.

Keep in mind that Unlimited Voice is not Unlimited Textand Data. We expect the $2 per MB charge to stay in place, unless youopt for the VCast V-Pack for $15/month, and Texting will requireanother "messaging pack", just like it does on current Nationwideplans. After you add all that together, you are well over $99 for an"Unlimited Everything" package.

Engadgetmobile originally posted some pricing options information supplied by tipsters, which proves that Helio’s and Sprint’ssimilar offers are way better. Now we have official borchure whichconfirmes their info. The unlimited voice plan will cost you $100, thesame one without any restrictions on the amount of SMS or MMS sent,will run for $120. $140 gets you unlimited voice, SMS, MMS, VZNav,VCAST and email. If you choose the $150/month plan, you won’t have toworry about going over your minutes, SMS/MMS, or data sent/received andif you are planning to travel overseas, you should consider the $170plan. As Engadget informs us, there should be a $200 family solution($100 per additional line) as well.



1. unregistered

Not true. Why would Verizon lose money? Don't believe tipsters and insiders. These are rumors....

2. unregistered

Yeah- This is a stupid rumor. Also, Sprint pricing is almost the same as Verizon so i would rather have them. It would be awesome if there were unlimited plans but i don't think that will happen

3. vzw guy unregistered

well, there is going to be an 'official announcement' made today (to all in-direct locations) -all that i CAN say, is that it will be huge.

4. unregistered

anyone who choses sprint over verizon has serious isses. " i love dropped calls and dead zones all with horrible company service.. i think ill get a sprint plan!"

5. sinfulta unregistered

This has been in the know for months now. I heard back in December that this was going to be the case and that they were going to roll it out on the same day VZW was shutting off Analog service. (FEB 19th), Nothing about this is fake... I mean other carriers already do this and at somewhat lower costs. But are they on as good of a network? Definitely not. The reason this was kept so hush was because sometimes it takes several weeks or months for plan changes to go through systems. Its not as simple as a click of the button no matter what you guys think. The longer this was quiet the more time Verizon has before ATT will do the same thing as they always do and copy VZW pricing structure.

6. steviecrackberry unregistered

I cant see this happening...VZW is the king of nickle and diming. there has to be something in the fine print!!

7. unregistered

not a rumor this is rolling out tommorow

8. Tyrone unregistered

This is the real deal with verizon they are coiming out with this pp. verizon need to gett all the cst they could get and with AT&T ahead the want to push this by the end of Feb. 2008.

9. jg unregistered

these are not just rumors....they are facts....unlimited is coming on 2/19

10. Verizon Man unregistered

True True and Very True. Good by Helio and hello Verizon

11. momotaro unregistered

"sir charge" classic...

12. steviecrackberry unregistered

but why are vzw phones still so ugly?

13. timmi unregistered

hey #13... relax. it IS true. dumb-ass... who cares? secondly, steviecrackberry... awesome name and comment... "classic" :)

14. Gib unregistered

Welovevzw.....what are you smoking? It rolls out tomorrow. We have the paperwork for it and everything

15. unregistered

Worry about you job for spilling the beans

16. pjrep unregistered

I work for VZW, and this will be out tomorrow! Beat sprint to the punch, lol!

17. NoNAME unregistered

Well...., i have to say is that this new plan(s) will make a lot of people switch from att and sprint who pay for thier higher plans for the more min because no other major service provider offers nationwide calling unli for the price and network and thats the bottom line plus if you look at VZWs plans now....: 2000 NW min is the same cost $99.99 for basic and $119.99 for select so all thoes customers who are on that plan or above can move to this NW unli calliing and never have to worrie about going over thier min and still get the best network available plus if your a VZ Nav and Mobile email user and you like Vcast its $139.99 so your looking at $150 after taxes and surcharges and you dont have to worrie about anything other then how much Get it now stuff did i buy..... its great....sooo long to droped calls/no coverage and shitty customer service and talking to a dam FOREIGNER

18. unregistered

To all vzw employees that release details before they are given- you are stupid. This is a major announcement and you let the cat out of the bag that lets competition beat you. Don't be stupid. I am glad Verizon is doing this. I work at sprint and people at work were talking about this b/c vzw employees are stupid enough to put details on here.

19. Someone unregistered

This plan is real,and verizon is offering it on 2/19,trust me !!!!!!!

20. VZRep unregistered

silly non believers. much to your dismey, the rumors were true.

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