VR multiplayer FPS Strike Rush set to get a free ocean liner map and themed skins

VR multiplayer FPS Strike Rush set to get a free ocean liner map and themed skins
Strike Rush by Skonec Entertainment launched in April of this year and has already racked up high praise. The game reminds me of Overwatch and Titanfall but for VR, and everything is better in VR in my opinion. Strike Rush has been getting tons of updates, and is now about to get its first new map: Luminus, which will feature an ocean liner out at sea.

Gameplay revolves around players choosing which “Blitzer” they play as. There are six Blitzers you can choose from:

  • Sarah
  • Jake
  • Marco
  • Violet
  • Alisa
  • And Felix

Then there are also Blizmons: AI companions that assist players. You can choose from three different types of Blitzmons. There are animal types, spider types and drone types. Finally, there is the Colossus. The Colossus is a towering mech that you can pilot to turn the tide of battle when all hope seems lost.

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It’s all about action in Strike Rush. | Video credit — Skonec Entertainment

The ‘Shining Vessel’ update will introduce the new ocean liner map as well as new themed skins for Blitzers Sarah, Violet and Jake. In the new map, Skonec promises multi-level action across grand staircases under a stained glass ceiling, ducking behind slot machines and juking the opponents around the grand piano. All the while catching stunning glimpses of the sea.

Strike Rush features team multiplayer matches of two teams composed of four players as well as solo missions. You can also customize your Blitzers and Blitzmons to suit your style.

The Shining Vessel update goes live on July 11, 2024. It’s a free update, so if you already own the game you have something new to look forward to. If you don’t, Strike Rush is available on the Meta Horizon Store for $19.99 and you can buy it here.

Strike Rush is playable on Meta Quest 3, Quest Pro and Quest 2.
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