Ultimate Swing Golf on Quest 3 will let you transform your room into a golf course

Ultimate Swing Golf on Quest 3 will let you transform your room into a golf course
Golf games are always good fun, especially when played with friends. And VR golf games like the upcoming Ultimate Swing Golf take it a step further by introducing more immersive mechanics like physically swinging your arms.

Ultimate Swing Golf — releasing May 16 on Quest 3, 2 and Pro — is Japanese developer Clap Hanz’s 15th golf game and second VR golf title. Clap Hanz has a long history and decades of experience making golfing games. The company’s first golf game was Everybody’s Golf 2 for the original PlayStation in 1999.

Clap Hanz made a VR golf game in 2019 for PlayStation VR, titled Everybody’s Golf VR. Ultimate Swing Golf builds on that, but this time a PSVR version seems unlikely as the company split from Sony in 2021.

Ultimate Golf Swing promises all the hallmarks of a great golf game and also promises an exciting MR (Mixed Reality) mode. Players can swing their controllers to whack the ball with as much force as they can muster. There’s also Free Play and Training modes for a more casual time.

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For more serious golfers the game comes with a Challenge mode. This mode will see players completing various missions and proving their skills as a golfer to unlock goodies like new costumes and golf clubs. Naturally, the game supports multiplayer with up to four players and has built-in voice chat and emotes for a convenient and fun time.

Perhaps most interesting of all is the advertised MR Play mode. Mixed Reality combines your view of the physical world — using the headset’s cameras — and the digital world. It goes beyond AR (Augmented Reality) and allows these digital elements to interact with the physical world. An example of this is the Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs update that launched recently.

MR Play mode in Ultimate Swing Golf will let you play golf in your real-life surroundings. Details are scarce on how exactly this will work and what modes of play there will be, but I do find it to be quite a unique approach to golf in VR.

The trailer for the game showcased beautiful levels sure to be a treat to behold in VR. One level seems to be a massive golf course in the middle of a large city. Another appeared to be set on top of a plateau surrounded by cliffs.

Ultimate Swing Golf is currently listed on the Meta Quest Store for $29.99. Though it is competing against other established VR golf titles like the gorgeous Walkabout Mini Golf the MR Play mode is certain to set it apart.
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