Meta Quest 3 will now let you watch your favorite shows online

Meta Quest 3 will now let you watch your favorite shows online
If you own a Meta Quest 3, you might have found the lack of Netflix access very annoying. After all, you should be able to watch Netflix shows in Mixed Reality (MR) on a massive screen if you want to. Well, now you’ll be able to do just that. Meta is introducing support for Netflix in the Meta Quest browser.

Before now, Netflix didn’t work on the Quest browser: incorrectly saying it didn’t support HTML5 video. The native Netflix app for Quest headsets on the other hand was limited to 480p streaming only, which is just unacceptable for 2024 in my opinion.

Over the next few days Quest owners will find themselves finally able to use Netflix in the browser. They’ll also have the option to switch between a flat 2D screen and “theater view”. In the latest Quest update v66 Meta introduced background audio support for the browser too. So we might see even more improvements to the browser in the near future.

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Along the same vein, the Apple Vision Pro lacks a dedicated app for Netflix. Netflix says the investment is not worth it considering how small the userbase is for Apple’s headset. That doesn’t explain why the Quest app has been abandoned, however. I don’t think it’d be too difficult to add support for higher resolution streaming.

Watching movies and TV shows in VR can be a really fun experience. VR headsets like the Quest 3 are capable of rendering media in very large virtual screens. So, while VR games are the primary use case for VR headsets today, there is a huge entertainment market to tap into here if VR gains more popularity.

Fortunately, more and more companies are finally investing in the VR industry, which is expected to grow exponentially this decade.
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