Meta Quest 3 exclusive Batman game trailer reveals the villain players will face

Meta Quest 3 exclusive Batman game trailer reveals the villain players will face
Gamers recently got a surprise when a trailer for a new VR Batman game went up. Not only was this part of the beloved Arkham series of Batman games, it was also exclusive to Meta Quest 3.

Now we have a new trailer that shows off more of what Batman: Arkham Shadow will be centered around. As many conjectured after the first trailer, the antagonist of Arkham Shadow is someone who can communicate with and control the rats of Gotham. It was all but confirmed the new villain was going to be the Ratcatcher.

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Gotham is going to look stunning in VR.

Though referred to as the “Rat King” in Meta’s blog post, the person shown off in the trailer looks very much like the Ratcatcher. The premise of the game is also quite captivating, in my opinion. Gotham is engulfed in riots and Batman has to save Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent who have gone missing. And there’s more:

Meta Quest Blog, June 2024

We’ve also been promised all the hallmarks of the Arkham games, including stealth, gliding, the grapnel gun and, of course, close-up combat. Fans of the Arkham games have a lot to look forward to later this year. No concrete release date has yet been announced.

Some fans are upset that Arkham Shadow is a VR exclusive. And some are upset that it’s a Meta Quest 3 exclusive specifically. Though I can understand the second complaint, I’m all for game sequels transitioning to VR.

It's cheaper than ever to dive into VR. And Quest 3 is one of the best VR headsets on the market today. VR gaming opens up possibilities that are simply not feasible on traditional means of gaming.

And I, for one, think VR will do Gotham justice and make for the most immersive Batman game ever made.
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