Meta Horizon Worlds fixes annoying bug and gets improvements in latest update

Meta Horizon Worlds fixes annoying bug and gets improvements in latest update
Meta Horizon Worlds, Meta’s online social hub, has just gotten updated to v164. The new update fixes a bug which has been under investigation for some time now. It also adds a number of new features and improvements to enhance the overall experience.

Horizon Worlds is a VR-focused social hub but it also has mobile and web versions. These versions allow users to stay connected and up-to-date even when they’re away from their Quest headset. The VR, mobile and web versions usually receive different fixes from each other. The end goal is to provide a standardized social experience that is enjoyable on any device.

Bug fixes and existing issues

Meta Horizon Worlds had a very annoying bug for a while now. It would happen when a user was invited to another person’s world. Upon arrival they would get a message saying the host wasn’t present and then promptly get removed from the world. Given the fact that Meta Horizon Worlds is a social hub, this was obviously a very major problem. And it has finally been fixed.

Another minor bug fix gets rid of the issue of the Horizon menu freezing when trying to save pictures sent from another player. A few icons and a button appearing white in Edit mode have also been fixed.

The Meta Horizon Worlds team is currently investigating a few known issues as well. These are:

  • Inaccurate notifications saying friends are online or offline in Worlds when that is not the case.
  • Setting a player’s gravity to zero would not stop said player from falling.
  • The ‘Text Gizmo’ doesn’t display emojis.

New features and improvements

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Meta Quest 3 is the best way to experience Horizon Worlds.

As is tradition with each new update, it’s not just bug fixes or promises of bug fixes. Meta Horizon Worlds, despite being updated multiple times a month, receives new features each time. And update v164 is one of the bigger updates we’ve seen in a while.

Now when you join a friend who is in a world, you’ll spawn near them instead of at the world’s default spawn point. For this to work you need to join your friend through an invite link or the social panel. Creators of worlds can enable this feature by following these steps:

  • Open the ‘Create’ menu.
  • Go to the ‘World’ tab.
  • Open ‘Player Settings’.
  • Toggle the ‘Spawn Nearby’ setting on or off.

A minor change is introducing an ‘All’ search tab that combines the existing ‘Worlds’ and ‘Events’ search tabs. The new tab will return search results from both categories. However, only a few people are part of this “experiment” and the feature might not get implemented permanently.

More interestingly, the ‘Mute Assist’ feature is getting an upgrade. This setting, if enabled, automatically detects users using foul language and mutes them. ‘Mute Assist’ will now also mute people who are making excessively loud noises. This feature can be enabled or disabled and adjusted to your liking from the ‘Safety & Wellbeing’ section under Settings.

Lastly, and related to ‘Mute Assist’, Meta is adding a volume reminder for people. When someone is muted by another user in the world they will be informed. They will also be prompted to test their volume via another new feature.

Meta Horizon Worlds isn’t just a virtual chat room. Tons of events are held in Horizon Worlds each year where people can socialize over shared interests. It’s definitely something Meta puts a lot of effort into alongside its investments in the XR industry.

Horizon Worlds isn’t everyone’s jam, however. And if you’re one of those people, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our lists of the best VR games and best PC VR games.
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