Luxury airline plans to give select passengers a Vision Pro to use as in-flight entertainment

Luxury airline plans to give select passengers a Vision Pro to use as in-flight entertainment
At least one airline is planning on offering the Apple Vision Pro to some passengers as part of its in-flight entertainment offerings. Beond is a Maldivian airline that flies to five destinations and calls itself the world's first "premium leisure airline" with business class service that includes gourmet meals, seats that fold down completely allowing passengers to sleep more comfortably during a flight, and soon, in-flight entertainment led by the Apple Vision Pro.

In a press release dated Thursday, Beond said that it will start  offering the Vision Pro to select customers on its flights to the Maldives. Beond's fleet has just doubled to two after the airline took possession of its second jet and in the middle of this year, it will start flights from Milan, Dubai, and Bangkok to the Maldives.

Tero Taskila, Beond's Chairman and CEO, said, "The Apple Vision Pro will transform the inflight entertainment experience, and we will be first to offer it to select passengers. In addition to our existing and ever-growing library of inflight content such as movies and games, Beond will showcase stunning resort destinations and activities in the Maldives. We are working now with partners in the Maldives to prepare truly amazing footage."

The executive continued, "The inflight experience will build anticipation for passengers before they arrive in the Maldives. Offering the Apple Vision Pro is another step in our vision of delivering a premium travel experience to our customers, from the start to finish of their journey. We’re proud to be the first airline to deploy the technology." The press release didn't mention how many Vision Pro units would be aboard each flight, nor did it mention how the airline would determine which passenger(s) would get the opportunity to don the headset. 

Now that Beond has become the first airline to announce plans to offer the Vision Pro to passengers, we could see the larger commercial airlines add the Vision Pro to their in-flight entertainment offerings. Considering the number of larger capacity planes that airlines could order the headset for, Apple could get a windfall.
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