Demeo Battles major update adds “ranked mode,” new in-game events, more

Demeo Battles major update adds “ranked mode,” new in-game events, more
Resolution Games, the studio behind the successful Demeo Battles, has just announced new content for its competitive turn-based strategy game. The star of the latest update is the new “ranked mode,” which will feature month-long seasons.

In addition to the new ranked mode, Resolution Games also includeds a bunch of in-game events in this update. For instance, 10 new single player challenges are now available for veterans of the game to tackle, a refreshed catalog with new arenas, and a lot more.

The first in-game event will take place between April 15-22 and is called “Rat Week.” Obviously, this event is all about rats, so expect rats to appear more often in the shop during the event (and they’re 30 percent off).

Resolution Games also revealed that future events will feature changes in the store designed around a theme, unit or combo. These changes will be announced within the game, so you can prepare.

Another interesting addition to the game is rank progression, a way for players to see their final position at the end of the season. Finally, new card back and skins have been added to the game, including Frostfall for the Barbarian and Troubadour skin for the Bard.

The latest update is now available across all platforms including Meta, Steam and Pico. Demeo Battles is available to purchase for $19.99 and it’s one of Resolution Games’ seven titles that can also be played in mixed reality mode.

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