Bring your surroundings into VR with Varjo using just an iPhone

Bring your surroundings into VR with Varjo using just an iPhone
Varjo, a provider of enterprise VR and MR (Mixed Reality) solutions, has just announced its newest service: Teleport. True to its name, it teleports users into a VR rendition of a photographed environment within minutes.

Teleport aims to revolutionize how people recreate real-life environments for VR. Instead of spending months meticulously crafting each detail by hand, all you need is an iPhone. Presumably using the spatial capturing features of the newest iPhones, Teleport will be able to recreate a location in VR just from scanning it with your iPhone.

The Teleport demo shows off a very detailed virtual environment. Being able to so easily bring real-life locations into spatial applications will be a game changer. Enterprise collaboration can greatly benefit from services like Teleport and Campfire.

— Patrick Wyatt (Chief Product Officer at Varjo), press release, June 2024

Varjo is no newcomer to MR enterprise solutions. The company’s services are used by over 25% of Fortune 100 companies. The Finnish National Opera and Ballet is also going to be using Teleport to simplify evaluating rental productions.

Aside from enterprise solutions, Teleport may also be used for simplifying the production of virtual home environments. It may also let consumers create virtual environments of their own. I think a lot can be done with Teleport if it’s brought to the average VR enthusiast.

Teleport by Varjo will become available some time later this year. Some AR headsets like the Apple Vision Pro can play spatial videos and display spatial images. Teleport takes that one step further and allows you to recreate a place in VR that you can walk around in and inspect. Varjo’s new service can also be used for training in various fields or providing remote assistance with enhanced accuracy and understanding.

Teleport is one of the many ways the AR and VR industries are growing exponentially beyond gaming. And I, for one, am quite pleased about it.
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