Apple's Vision Pro ditched full-body tracking, while Meta eyes the future

Apple's Vision Pro ditched full-body tracking, while Meta eyes the future
Remember when there was buzzing excitement last year about Apple's then-upcoming Vision Pro headset? Months before the product was announced, Wayne Ma, a tech reporter who’d been tracking the progress and development of Apple’s AR/VR headset for some time, disclosed that the device was going to have leg tracking and iris scanning. While the second of those predictions turned out to be spot on, there's been a little hiccup with the body tracking feature.

Now, here's the scoop. According to Ma, it seems that the tech wizards at Apple tried, but couldn't get full-body tracking to be reliable enough. If it's not up to the mark, Apple doesn't play.(Via Upload VR)

The body tracking feature wasn't just for fun. According to the report, Apple had plans to use this tech for some groundbreaking health applications, like detecting Parkinson's over time, but it didn’t make the cut. Oddly, Apple kept mum about fitness features during the Vision Pro’s detailed announcement in June.

While the Apple Vision Pro is not expected to have full-body tracking at launch, it will rely on advanced sensors and cameras to track the user's hands and eyes. The combination of these inputs forms the basis of interacting with the Vision Pro - hand gestures can be used to scroll or zoom in on web pages; eye tracking selects UI elements like app icons; tapping fingers together confirms a selection. While an on-screen keyboard will be available, those who prefer voice can simply speak to type. Support for gaming controllers makes it possible to play advanced 3D games in VR.

Not to be outdone, Meta is planning a software update for their Quest 3 in December. This isn't just any update; it will bring inside-out upper-body tracking into play. It won't track the legs but will pretty much capture everything from the waist up. Not stopping there, they're also releasing "Generative Legs" to guesstimate where your legs are using AI. Fancy, right?

Apple had ambitious plans, and while they delivered on many, the full-body tracking took a backseat. Whether it’s a minor bump in the road or a significant shift in direction remains to be seen. It's evident that the tech giants are still pushing boundaries. It remains to be seen how these shifts will resonate with the users and the industry at large.
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