Apple releases Vision Pro schematics and guidelines

Apple releases Vision Pro schematics and guidelines
Apple has updated its ‘Accessory Design Guidelines for Apple Devices’ document to include detailed schematics of the Vision Pro. The updated document also includes other guidelines for third party accessory manufacturers.

Apple’s Vision Pro is a marvel of glass and aluminum. But until now accessories made for the headset relied on guesswork and rough measurements. The newly released schematics should allow manufacturers to make much better accessories for the headset.

Apple’s updated document includes six pages of general schematics, one page of battery schematics and one page of audio strap schematics. Additionally there are four pages of schematics for the ZEISS optical inserts: aka the lenses.

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Its fantastic display makes the Vision Pro an amazing headset.

Guidelines and restrictions for different parts of the headset make it clear how to design accessories properly. For example, there are guidelines for storage cases and bands. Some key guidelines are as follows:

Apple Vision Pro storage cases
  • Cases should not contact the glass surfaces.
  • Storage cases should not apply force on the top button, digital crown and fit dial.
  • Cases should maintain a power cable bend radius of at least 13 mm.

Apple Vision Pro bands
  • Bands should have a maximum insertion force of 18.3 N.
  • The Vision Pro audio strap connector should have a maximum pull force of 300 N applied to it by the band.
  • Bands should not have a material hardness exceeding 320 HV for portions in contact with the audio strap connector.
  • Straps and bands should not detach with a peel force less than 100 N at 12 mm from the connector.
  • Bands should not have metal contact with the elastomer portion of the audio strap.

Detailed numbers and figures litter the updated document and third party manufacturers should have a much easier time designing accessories now. The Vision Pro is one of the best AR headsets we’ve ever used but it comes at quite a hefty price.

So I hope reports of a Vision Pro 2 starting at less than half the cost are accurate.
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