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No Quick Charge 3.0 support for the Samsung Galaxy S7 duo

Posted: , by Ben R.

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No Quick Charge 3.0 support for the Samsung Galaxy S7 duo
Though the innumerate pre-launch leaks gave us a strong idea of what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, it's clear that the Korean firm has made a substantial effort to impress us with its flagship duo. Both are packed to the gills with features, ticking most of the boxes one could require of a high-end smartphone. Yet while the two devices do offer Qualcomm's lauded Quick Charge facility, it's not the latest Quick Charge 3.0 as one might have expected. 

The Galaxy S6 line, which arrived this time last year, shipped with Quick Charge 2.0. As the name implies, the Quick Charge increases the speed at which a device can add power, provided that a supported charger is used. Later on in September of 2015, Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 was announced with broader support and an extra dab of Quickness. For the best part of six months, the tech has been primed and ready to go, and since Samsung isn't renowned for holding back new and emerging tech, it's a tad strange that Quick Charge 3.0 is not found in either the Galaxy S7 or its curvaceous cousin. 

Then again -- maybe not. There are two different versions of the S7 and S7 edge, each either rocking Sammy's own Exynos 8890 or Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 processor. The Qualcomm chip, as you might imagine, is Quick Charge 3.0-ready, but Samsung's chipset is not. Therefore, Samsung probably could have treated the Snapdragon 820 variant to Quick Charge 3.0, but in the name of equality and fairness, has decided to keep both back on the second-gen technology. 

Nevertheless, QuickCharge 2.0 is still mightily impressive, and the lack of support for the newer version 3.0 is unlikely to deter prospective S7 buyers. 

source: Qualcomm via SamMobile

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posted on 01 Mar 2016, 10:36 21

1. yoosufmuneer (Posts: 1498; Member since: 14 Feb 2015)

Simple. Samsung uses their own fast charging tech. Last year's Samsung Flagships didn't use Snapdragon SoCs but supported fast charging because they use their own tech. PA Please provide me the evidence that the GS6 lineup and the GN5 uses Qualcomm Quickcharge tech.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 11:08 5

7. Busyboy (Posts: 553; Member since: 07 Jan 2015)

Samsung's own website does mention something about Quick Charge 2.0 on the Galaxy S6, which means that they're probably using Qcomm power management ICs.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 11:21 2

9. Sidewinder (Posts: 429; Member since: 15 Jan 2015)

Couldn't that be their more refined and improved version of the adaptive fast charging that debuted with the note 4?

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 11:31 6

10. miket1737 (Posts: 2542; Member since: 17 Mar 2013)

I was looking at the Galaxy S6 teardown on iFixit, can't find a Qualcomm power management IC on the list

-Wolfson Microelectronics WM1840 Audio Codec

-Samsung S2MPS15 (likely power management IC similar to the S2MPS11)

-Samsung Shannon 928 RF Transceiver

-Maxim MAX77843 Companion PMIC

-Maxim MAX98505 Class DG Audio Amplifier

-Samsung Shannon 600B5D

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 16:08 6

30. woz7luv7 (Posts: 10; Member since: 16 Jul 2014)

You can google "quick charge device list". Then click Qualcomm's website.
And you can find samsung flagship devices use Qc 2.0

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 09:45 1

48. tuminatr (Posts: 773; Member since: 23 Feb 2009)

Exactly the Note 4 note 4 edge and s7 support QC 2.0 but the S6 is not listed

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 10:41 10

2. Planterz (Posts: 2070; Member since: 30 Apr 2012)

I'm not a fan of quick charging anyway. Of course, it can be handy in a pinch, but for regular use it's a bad idea since it'll quickly destroy your battery. An especially bad idea for a sealed, unrepairable phone like these new Samsungs.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 13:21 1

20. SYSTEM_LORD (Posts: 545; Member since: 05 Oct 2015)

Not to get all QWERTYphone-esque on you, but this is exactly why a phone with a removable battery is better.

Most external wall chargers use a lower current, like 500-600 mAh, and this very gentle and prolongs battery life. Have one charging outside the phone, and never use more than 1200 mAh while plugging into the phone. Less internal heat will also prolong motherboard lifespan, and you'll never see battery cell degradation.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 13:47 1

21. xondk (Posts: 1393; Member since: 25 Mar 2014)

Maybe why they didn't upgrade was part of this? with Quickcharge 3 being even faster being a potential worry for battery life now that battery can't be exchanged, so to avoid too many RMA's to replace battery at end of warranty of sgs7 they keep it to version 2?

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 14:53 8

24. marorun (Posts: 3580; Member since: 30 Mar 2015)

Quickcharge 3.0 solve all those issue by not giving too much power and its more gradual in the way its deliver it so its wont hurt your battery.

Its also faster than the 2.0 standard. so basically its will be slower to charge than phone using 3.0.

All this because the crappy exynos dont support 3.0 and Samsung dont want to make the Exynos version inferior.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 10:42 1

3. awesome12 (Posts: 4; Member since: 01 Mar 2016)

i think they saved it for note 6 because note is what s variats should have.
note 6
usb type c
and the charge

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 10:53 2

5. Landon (Posts: 489; Member since: 07 May 2015)

I doubt we'll see any 2016 Samsung phone using USB Type-C. However, 2017 we'll most likely see it, along with a new Gear VR and hopefully USB 3.1 speeds combined with the Type-C.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 11:00 4

6. XDAdam (Posts: 152; Member since: 03 Feb 2016)

Im fine with my S6 for now, but I would like to upgrade to the S8 next year and I do hope they have USB-C included as well.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 10:43 4

4. SayMobile (Posts: 103; Member since: 29 Jan 2014)

still they gonna be one of the fastest charging phones around this year.period.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 11:12 4

8. combatmedic870 (Posts: 626; Member since: 02 Sep 2015)

It's second gen vs 3rd. The G5 will charge faster if it has 3.0.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 12:04 3

16. Ordinary (Posts: 2317; Member since: 23 Apr 2015)

G5 will charge faster no matter what since it has a smaller battery

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 14:54 6

25. marorun (Posts: 3580; Member since: 30 Mar 2015)

All phone with same battery size and SD820 will charge faster.
All phone with smaller battery size and SD820 will charge even faster.

So sorry wont be the fastest charging flagship for sure.

posted on 06 Mar 2016, 13:08

49. JumpinJackROMFlash (Posts: 450; Member since: 10 Dec 2014)

Good thing I have more important must-have features on my phone wish list than #1 in charging speed then as I'd just buy the one with the smallest battery.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 11:58 1

13. S.R.K. (banned) (Posts: 678; Member since: 11 Feb 2016)

I use Anker 3Amp 20watts charger for my N4 G4 Z5.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 12:02 2

14. Punchy506 (Posts: 87; Member since: 10 Jan 2016)

Motorola 3.2A 25w charger FTW

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 12:33

19. S.R.K. (banned) (Posts: 678; Member since: 11 Feb 2016)

What charger is that and by which company?

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 14:10 3

22. namelessxsilent (Posts: 25; Member since: 22 Jul 2014)

im gonna guess its my Moto X Pure charger that came with the phone. Its attached to the plug so I can't just take the wire anywhere

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 14:55 4

26. marorun (Posts: 3580; Member since: 30 Mar 2015)

I have the same on my moto x play its super fast.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 12:04 1

15. aho13 (Posts: 97; Member since: 10 Sep 2014)

which charges faster ? it doesn't matter

I don't know why people are arguing about it, I don't see the USB C or the QC 3 to be important factor for deciding which is a better phone for you, it is just fine tuning not a feature missing , extra couple of minutes in charge time are not a big factor , but a better camera in low light or wider lens will make a difference.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 14:56 9

27. marorun (Posts: 3580; Member since: 30 Mar 2015)

Last year Samsung fanboy where all about it been the fastest to charge but this year its okay if its slower? nice double standard.

for me what kill both the S7 and G5 is they removed a features i like in android 6.0 called adopting a sd card.

So for me both are game over looking foward to the M10.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 16:41 7

31. PureA (Posts: 5; Member since: 18 Nov 2015)

Well said marorun, that's why I always prefer Moto devices, the real deal stock pure Android experience you can customize it the way you want they don't remove features (Adoptable storage or like Multi-user mode in Samsung phones which is important especially to dual SIM variant users) or add useless bloatware that make Android OS and security update take long time come.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 19:07 1

32. catze86 (Posts: 726; Member since: 07 Dec 2015)

Well, the world love those useless bloatware than the plain pure one.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 21:51 2

35. A.to.Z (Posts: 43; Member since: 31 Dec 2015)

You are absolutely wrong, people go for Samsung because of its popularity, availability and hardware specs if people had to pick they will never buy the one with bloatware.




posted on 01 Mar 2016, 22:56

36. catze86 (Posts: 726; Member since: 07 Dec 2015)

Are those polls are the voice of android users around the world? If not, then shut up.
If Phonearena make polls about Google bloatwares should not in everyphone then I will gladly vote YES.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 23:55 2

39. A.to.Z (Posts: 43; Member since: 31 Dec 2015)

Yes, Phonearena have members and android users from around the world, and who said that I want Google bloatware, any bloatware is not acceptable.

Remember what I said "people go for Samsung because of its popularity, availability and hardware specs".

Prove it if you can kid "the world love those useless bloatware", Grow up and don't be a fanboy.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 01:05 1

40. catze86 (Posts: 726; Member since: 07 Dec 2015)

How many Phonearena members compares to android users?

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 03:36 2

42. A.to.Z (Posts: 43; Member since: 31 Dec 2015)

Phonearena polls give an idea about what android users want, if you have any doubt about that then make your own poll and make all android users vote in that poll and I'm sure that the result well be the same.

It's about what is right and what is wrong "any bloatware is not acceptable" it should be original stock android experience the user modify it the way he likes, when they add bloatware the user have to add another bloatware to change it.

Only for devices like edge or note that needs special features and those features wouldn't be called bloatware because they serve the purpose of making that variant or device.

You didn't Prove your statement "the world love those useless bloatware".

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 04:27

45. catze86 (Posts: 726; Member since: 07 Dec 2015)

Touchwiz = Cancer
Bloatwares = Tumors
Todays consumers have more options of smartphones with superior UI. Then why when they still have options to buy another phones, Samsung still the king of android markets? Specs, availibility, and brand names should not bothered them to ignore Samsung TW. It is a cancer after all.
Do You want to buy a chicken looks healthy but you actualy know that chicken have a cancer in its system? I believe it is Not. Touchwiz is not the problem. Samsung loss the market because of the price. PA already post an article about that.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 04:40

46. A.to.Z (Posts: 43; Member since: 31 Dec 2015)

I like their devices that way I wish they make stock variant. I want a high end smartphone with stock Android from Samsung.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 20:10 1

34. j2001m (Posts: 2941; Member since: 28 Apr 2014)

Sorry what moto comes with the this turned on and ufs, get back to me, it's none and it's not support, get back to me when they support sd cards and ufs still the same, time, oh yes, they do not, it's an easy take to offer Emmc with sd cards at the same, time, if you install the basic 6.0 rom on the s7 or G5 and setup this, all sd cards will say they are to slow and it will lag like crap, they just to slow to keep up

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 23:34 2

38. PureA (Posts: 5; Member since: 18 Nov 2015)

First of all, I just want to clarify that I don't hate Samsung, I just want it to be better, that's all, I'm with consumer side not OEMs, I like it when the choices are in the user's hand where it should be.

Secondly, It won't be as fast as the internal storage, but that doesn't mean that SanDisk Extreme PRO will lag like crap, and what about removing Multi-user mode does UFS have anything to do with that, you know it's not wise to remove it in duos (dual SIM) variants at least, believe me the hardware is not the problem the problem is Touchwiz.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 01:34

41. catze86 (Posts: 726; Member since: 07 Dec 2015)

Is Sandisk extrem PRO can keep up with UFS 2.0
As long as people save their personal data/bank accounts on their Galaxy phones. Multiuser is a NO.
I dont care you hate Samsung. Samsung is not the only smartphone I use as daily driver. I am stop using Nexus because its plain as hell. Motorola are craps. Well, sorry, those according my experiences.

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 03:38 3

43. PureA (Posts: 5; Member since: 18 Nov 2015)

Yes, if you don't believe me then try it yourself there is different but you won't notice it in most cases.

Samsung make Duos (dual SIM) variants because there is people like me want to have dual Sim smartphone i use two numbers one for my personal life like family, friends and the other for work to give it to my customers and I replace my work number to another number when I travel, with Multi-user I can instal dual apps like Whatsapp I use it a lot in the two numbers, how can I instal dual apps that require phone number without Multi-user, anyone who don't want Multi-user he is not forced to use it, without Multi-user Samsung Duos variants will be useless, they don't offer solution for this problem.

It seems that you don't understand English very well i said I don't hate Samsung, but i'm not fanboy like you, bring to me Samsung Galaxy S7 stock android that have Multi user and i will buy it.

"Multi-user mode is the name of the feature it doesn't mean that the phone will be used Multiple users, but it helps people like me how have two numbers"

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 07:05

47. aho13 (Posts: 97; Member since: 10 Sep 2014)

I am not a fanboy , it makes no difference last year if samsung charges faster or not or the samsung is better than lg or even apple, I am not that fanboy of last year .
I meant it is not a big deal to buy a S7 or LG 5 because of charging speeds , if we talk about oppo speedy charge then it makes a difference , what I meant and what should make difference is what you mentioned , important features removed or added ,not a couple minutes of charge time nor a slightly better CPU , a removable battery, adopting Sdcards , whatever features that in a phone not in another.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 12:06 4

17. bugsbunny00 (Posts: 2054; Member since: 07 Jun 2013)

lg G5 has qc 3.0 ;)

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 12:20

18. teloji (Posts: 31; Member since: 21 Feb 2016)


posted on 01 Mar 2016, 14:11 1

23. Trakker (Posts: 283; Member since: 11 Feb 2016)

Quick Charge is handy in a time emergency but fast chargers destroy the life of the battery.
Its not a big deal on most phones where you just swap the battery out but you might have to stretch this battery out for 2 years+

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 14:58 4

28. marorun (Posts: 3580; Member since: 30 Mar 2015)

G5 can change battery.

second Quick charge 3.0 dont damage battery more than normal charge.
The way its charge is more gradual and if you use the phone at the same time its will even switch back to normal charging speed to evade heat ect.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 15:27 1

29. Trakker (Posts: 283; Member since: 11 Feb 2016)

It very much does reduce the life of the battery as it's the amount of charge/discharge cycles combined with high current drain and charging that does the damage.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 19:09

33. catze86 (Posts: 726; Member since: 07 Dec 2015)

Any real life to prove your theory?

posted on 02 Mar 2016, 04:20 1

44. Trakker (Posts: 283; Member since: 11 Feb 2016)

Its just how lithium cells work.
Lithium Polymer has a longer life but still have limited charge cycles and lose capacity faster with high current.
Read anything about the chemistry of lithium cells and it's all there.

posted on 01 Mar 2016, 23:02

37. bugsbunny00 (Posts: 2054; Member since: 07 Jun 2013)

in real life it charges fast,..that's the point. galaxy s7 still stuck on 2.0 or none.

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