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LIVE: Asus' MWC 2013 press-conference

Posted: , by PhoneArena Team


LIVE: Asus' MWC 2013 press-conference
Asus has promised to wow us at this year's Mobile World Congress, so here we are at its press-conference, waiting to be wowed. To tell you the truth, we don't have much specific information about the devices Asus is going to announce, though there is some speculation that the company may use the stage of MWC to introduce a new Padfone, Fonepad or a Transformer Infinity Android tablet.

As you can see, there's plenty of stuff to be excited about at this press-conference, so you aren't exactly short on reasons to stay tuned to us and discover what Asus is up to! The event will begin at 7:30 AM Eastern | 6:30AM Central | 5:30AM Mountain | 4:30AM Pacific | 12:30PM GMT.

Live event tracker

07:26And it's a wrap! Thanks for following our liveblog, stay tuned to PA for more from MWC!
07:25Europe will get it in April for EUR 219, again one of the cheapest 7-inchers there
07:25You can get the 2-in-1 Asus Padfone for just $249 for the 8 GB version, pretty good price, and will be available in March
07:23Intel inside! Atom Z2420, between 9 and 10 hours of battery life, Android 4.1.2 onboard
07:23HD 720 p video rear camera, 1280x800 HD 7" IPS panel
07:22Comes in Titanium Gray and Champagne Gold, diamond-cut edges
07:22MicroSIM and microSD card hidden compartment, you can make voice calls
07:21Promo video touting the durable metallic chassis and 10 hour battery life, the HSPA+ radio and IPS display
07:17Enter the Padfone, an Intel-based 7" Android tablet!
07:17999 euro. There was literally one person applauding that price. It wasn't us.
07:16Another promo video making the rounds, and the price is... $999 for the station and the phone together, available in April
07:149 hours of video playback time, not bad at all, you can use the station to expand the battery life up to three times
07:13Asus Story app also onboard for your personal journals - photos, text, maps and sharing on the social networks
07:11Asus Echo voice agent lets you click the shutter by saying cheese, and tells you who is calling, for instance
07:11SuperNote 3.1 app demoed, some finger-writing recognition and voice recognition
07:102 GB of RAM, 64GB of flash storage on the station, and 50GB of Asus Web storage
07:061.7 GHz quad-core with 3rd gen LTE radio
07:05Paul Jacobs of Qualcomm comes to speak about the Snapdragon 600 on the PadFone Infinity.
07:04Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 powers the thing, Qualcomm Chairman Paul Jacobs takes the stage
07:04Dynamic Screen Technology, seamless transition between phone and tablet interface
07:03The PadFone logo doubles as an NFC antenna! Smart.
07:03Precision-calibrated buttons with instant feedback
07:01The speaker is on the side of the phone and there is 18mm speaker on the station to amplify the sound
07:00Shih is showing an improvised picture it took today with it, pointing out the amount of railing detail it captured
06:5913 MP camera f/2.0 aperture, Full HD 1080p video at 30fps, Burst Mode with 8 frames per second
06:58The station has a 10.1" display 1920x1200 pixels
06:585" Full HD IPS 1920x1080 pixels resolution, 441ppi, "far superior than the Retina Display" Ouch.
06:57Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, unibody, expertly crafted with brushed finish, twice anodized diamond-cut edge
06:57Better build quailty with a unibody frame.
06:56"With Padfone Infinity, everybody can be a magician," says Shih. It's a "masterpiece." "Customer happiness is the main focus of our design"
06:55And the PadFone Infinity gets announced by the CEO - "so magical"
06:54PadFone Infinity!
06:54The guy on stage is performing some tricks aimed to intro the new PadFone, hide-and-seek game of tablet and phone
06:53Asus now has its own illusionist.. we like Jonney Shih in that role better.
06:53Hardware time: the guy that takes out the good is getting called "our tech illusionist"
06:52It's time for... magic.
06:52Herdware time: the guy that takes out the good is getting called "our tech illusionist"

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posted on 25 Feb 2013, 05:58 2

1. wendygarett (unregistered)

Can't wait another aluminum android device :)

posted on 25 Feb 2013, 06:03

2. fsnas (Posts: 101; Member since: 18 Jun 2012)

Windows Phone!

fingers crossed!!!

posted on 25 Feb 2013, 06:03 1

3. Berzerk000 (Posts: 4250; Member since: 26 Jun 2011)

Hoping to see a 10" tablet with a 2560x1600 resolution in the form of a new Infinity tab with Tegra 4 on board.

posted on 25 Feb 2013, 06:29

4. Reverence (Posts: 224; Member since: 16 Jul 2012)

id love to see something similar to nexus 8

posted on 25 Feb 2013, 06:39

5. fujiwaraya (Posts: 2; Member since: 25 Feb 2013)

Damn the delay

posted on 25 Feb 2013, 07:02

6. biophone (Posts: 1900; Member since: 15 Jun 2011)

Nice phone

posted on 25 Feb 2013, 07:02

7. p0rkguy (Posts: 685; Member since: 23 Nov 2010)

Far superior than the Retina Display.

posted on 25 Feb 2013, 07:08

8. Reverence (Posts: 224; Member since: 16 Jul 2012)

UF this sucks! and half of the time he wasted telling people to take his photos

posted on 25 Feb 2013, 07:15

9. jade272727 (Posts: 62; Member since: 10 Dec 2011)

5" Full HD IPS 1920x1080 pixels resolution, 441ppi, "far superior than the Retina Display" Ouch.

posted on 25 Feb 2013, 07:31

10. TylerGrunter (Posts: 1494; Member since: 16 Feb 2012)

Such a beauty of a tablet and they have to screw it using the Lexington chipset...

posted on 25 Feb 2013, 07:44

11. fujiwaraya (Posts: 2; Member since: 25 Feb 2013)

THAT PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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