Sony Ericsson T68

Introduction & Design

» Introduction

Ericsson T68, very small, powerful and sleek mobile phone with a completely new look and feel is developed for UK, EU and US networks (GSM 900/1800/1900) and GPRS networks. Most will consider T68 to be a high-end phone, packed with groundbreaking features including GPRS, Bluetooth and EMS. The T68 has advanced calendar and contacts and you can synchronize data in your phone with your PC. In standby mode, you can have a color background picture of your choice filling the screen.

» Design

This is a really amazing looking phone. The dark gray color (the T68 also comes in gold/yellow color) is accentuated by chrome buttons and a nice silver outline around the screen. This is also Ericsson's first non-antenna phone; a small but often overlooked irritation with mobile phones.
The phone is amazingly light (3.14 Oz, dimensions 3.97 x 1.88 x 0.76 in.) It is neither too fat nor too thick. Maybe it's the “Sony” influence here (the mobile venture of Ericsson is now a JV with Sony) but the way the phone is curved, with the screen area slightly wider than the buttons, makes this a very nicely designed phone.The back of the phone (including the battery) has a rubber padding on it. This is particularly useful so that the phone doesn't accidentally get bumped off a table and crashing onto the floor
One of the really neat new add-ons is the pointing device in the middle of the phone. You use it to navigate the menus, play games, select text, etc.


» Features

The Ericsson T68 has a color screen, a natural feel and a menu that you can move easily through without lifting a finger.

• Color display
T68 boasts a 256 color full graphic display. One of the first of its kind. Colour greatly enhances the T68 usability. Menus and sub-menus are easier to read and icons are easy to identify. T68 has a unique icon desktop.

• Icon desktop - The unique T68 graphic icon desktop is a revolution in usability. Reminding you of a PC interface, it is quick and easy to navigate.

• Themes - T68 offers you the unique possibility to choose text and background color combination. And change the face and style of your phone whenever you want.

• Four directional joystick - The T68 joystick is amazingly easy to use and with the options key close by, which has the same function as the right click of a mouse, the T68 menu system is quickly and easily navigated. The joystick has five functions: move cursor up, move cursor down, move cursor left, move cursor right and click o

• Predictive text input - Writing messages is easy. T68 predictive text input anticipates the word you are writing and finishes it for you.

• Background picture - When you're not using your T68, you can have a high-quality colour picture of your choice filling the display.

• T68 messaging features are the latest. As long as you have it with you, you know you can reach and be reached in a variety of ways.

• E-mail - T68 has its own e-mail program. It has an inbox, outbox, compose and save-to-drafts functions. You can set your phone to download mail from an inbox anywhere on the Internet. T68 supports POP3 and IMAP and will store six messages.

• Text messaging with pictures and sounds - Mobile text messages can be enhanced by adding pictures and sounds. The pictures are pre-installed, you can also use pictures downloaded from the Internet or ones received in a message that you have saved. The sounds sent are musical ring signals. T68 has its own picture editor and melody composer.

• MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) will be implemented into T68 when services are available to support this feature.
T68 connects without cables to other Bluetooth™ devices within range

• Bluetooth wireless technology - Synchronize and share information with a PDA or laptop. Or enjoy the complete handsfree and cablefree comfort of a Bluetooth headset.
The Ericsson T68 has a color screen, a natural feel and a menu that you can move easily through without lifting a finger.


T68 can also connect via cable and infrared. Versatile calendar and contacts features make the T68 an effective organizer.

• Calendar
The T68 calendar has day, week and month views and reminds you when something is due.
• Contacts
You can store names, e-mail addresses and several phone numbers.
• Synchronize
Calendar and contacts data can be synchronized with a PC making sure all things are up to date. T68 supports SyncML, a cross industry standard for synchronization between devices.

The T68 has built-in Bluetooth wireless technology that makes it possible to connect it to other devices without cables, for instance the Ericsson Bluetooth headset, a digital camera or a computer. It is the future standard for cablefree connectivity between devices and has been adopted by all the major computer and telecommunications companies.
The T68 supports General Packet Radio Services (GPRS), so users will enjoy 'always on' connectivity to the mobile Internet, with instant delivery of e-mail, high-speed Internet access and efficient mobile connections to corporate LANs.

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» The Good
This phone is bursting with technology. Reading its specification you would think it was a computer. Built in modem, Bluetooth, infrared, email, screensaver, voice control and great games including Tetris. The pop3 email client allows you to read your emails easily on the move.
• Color Screen
• Pointing device in the middle of the phone. You use it to navigate the menus, play games, select text, etc.
• Great Reception and clarity
• Automatic ‘lock' down of the keypad after 20 seconds of inactivity, actually very useful. You still have to ‘unlock' the keypad when you want to use it but at least they are trying to make the process easier
• Nice design
• Goodspeed of WAP in combination with GPRS
• GPRS signal indicator!! Games, voice control

» The bad
The phone might not work on VoiceStream Network.
• You may find it slower to access some of the menus especially getting to text messages.
• Switch itself on and off without reason
• Keypad is quite small and the menu is very different from other mobiles
• The listeners on the receiving end tended to complain for the voice quality
• Dropping calls
• Ring tones are not quite loud enough
• Hard to switch between 2 incoming calls
• Small keys
• Bad battery performance

The T68 is a ground breaking phone and it will take a lot for other manufactures to beat it. It is well equipped for the future with Bluetooth and enhanced messaging services. Overall the T68 is a real gadget phone with great quality. If Ericsson would improve it's construction and makes it a bit bigger then it would be a real winner. Because it is so very small the keys are very small to. It is definitely the essential mobile phone to have. It pretty much does it all.

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