Sony Ericsson T68

Sony Ericsson T68

» Introduction

Ericsson T68, very small, powerful and sleek mobile phone with a completely new look and feel is developed for UK, EU and US networks (GSM 900/1800/1900) and GPRS networks. Most will consider T68 to be a high-end phone, packed with groundbreaking features including GPRS, Bluetooth and EMS. The T68 has advanced calendar and contacts and you can synchronize data in your phone with your PC. In standby mode, you can have a color background picture of your choice filling the screen.

» Design

This is a really amazing looking phone. The dark gray color (the T68 also comes in gold/yellow color) is accentuated by chrome buttons and a nice silver outline around the screen. This is also Ericsson's first non-antenna phone; a small but often overlooked irritation with mobile phones.
The phone is amazingly light (3.14 Oz, dimensions 3.97 x 1.88 x 0.76 in.) It is neither too fat nor too thick. Maybe it's the “Sony” influence here (the mobile venture of Ericsson is now a JV with Sony) but the way the phone is curved, with the screen area slightly wider than the buttons, makes this a very nicely designed phone.The back of the phone (including the battery) has a rubber padding on it. This is particularly useful so that the phone doesn't accidentally get bumped off a table and crashing onto the floor
One of the really neat new add-ons is the pointing device in the middle of the phone. You use it to navigate the menus, play games, select text, etc.



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1. temo unregistered

the sony erricson T68 is one of the best phones i have owned-i used this phone for 4 years from 02 - 06-yeah it had its moments of crappness but overall-it kept me in touch which is what ya want-excellent phone-beautiful design-good features-BUT NO POLYPHONIC RINGTONES-the ones on offer bloody suck-they are the crappiest ringtones i have ever encountered!!-why with all the stuff they loaded into this phones capabilities did they leave out the sweet sound of the polyphonic ringtones-monotone crappy monophonic sounds everytime someone rings or msgs u-oh well,overall-a classic-phone-first colour screen/camera phone i have owned-and in a lot of ways the best-keep this phone in your hall of fame-its in mine and has my vote for MVP-take it easy-australia.
  • Display
    80 x 101 pixels
  • Battery 700 mAh

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