Sony Ericsson HBH-PV705 Bluetooth Headset Review

We managed to get a hold of Sony Ericsson HBH-PV705 as well – a headset with a rather old-fashioned look, bearing an instant resemblance to the previous manufacturer models in shape, design, and dimensions. Quite rectangular, with slightly rounded edges – it will not catch your eye as design award-winner – yet this is not its goal – it is being advertised for battery endurance that is said to be about 12 hours or twice the average time for a wireless headset.

In its box one finds a charger and a neck strap. The latter can only be attached directly to the set by tying a knot – it means one must constantly wear a string hanging from the ear while using the set as intended – we find this intolerable and therefore will not use the strap.

The headset has an oblong, rectangular shape, sized 62mm x 18mm (2.44 x 0.7 inches). Its 14 grams (0.5 oz.) weight is normal and ranks it in a middle position with respect to other sets. It is entirely made of plastic with just a small amount of rubber at the inner part of the ear-hook. It has one multi-function call button and a rocker for volume control. Unlike the other reviewed models of SE, there is no on/off button here.

The multi-function button is raised - therefore easily felt and pressed, with a click indication. Sound buttons are very narrow and even when you manage to feel their minute bulge it would be hard to tell which is which.

A small LED light is placed next to the multi-function button, under a semi-transparent plastic cover, which makes the light more delicate and soft-focused. The LED can glow in yellow-green and red. Just above it there is the emblem of Sony Ericsson but it has not occurred to the designers to build the service light in it.

On the inside there is the bulging earpiece, entirely of plastic, without a rubber coating to make it more comfortable, and the ear-hook. It can roll round its attachment point in order to ‘open’ before hanging – it is an interesting solution but not quite convenient in our view.

1-SE PV705, 2-SE GV435, 3-Jabra BT350, 4-Nokia BH-900, 5-SE IV835, 6-Plantronics 655

Working with the device is standard and its options do not exceed the regular ones. Operations are carried out mainly through the only convenient button – the call key. A simple push answers an incoming call when the phone is ringing or terminates an active conversation. In order to reject a call one must press the same button for 2 seconds. Pressing it once in stand-by mode will start the voice commands and two fast clicks - dial the last number. There is one rare option – a master reset. It can be carried out by simultaneously holding the power and call keys for about 8 seconds.

The soundquality of this model is surprising. Since it lacks a DSP system weexpected a performance far worse than the actual one. Once again weencountered the problem of the unpleasant sound on the other side atanswering a call, but you are rewarded by the decent power and goodquality of the sound afterwards – this might be a result of themicrophone placement near the mouth. Your headphone sound is not to beneglected either regarding its volume and quality – however, you willhear very badly unless the speaker is properly positioned in the ear,and that is not the case with everyone. Since there is no DSP system,even a weak wind will cause serious interference – evidently this setis intended to be used indoors where you will encounter the aboveproblem. Music or other loud noise around you will also prevent theproper use of the device.

The PV705 design allows for wearing on either ear. In order to change ears, one must change the position of the ear-hook, which is fairly easy in case one is not afraid of breaking it – it is pulled out and then placed ‘back to front’.

In order to put the headset on you have to open the ear-hook (by turning), place the bulging earpiece into the ear and ‘close’ the clamp again; we do not consider this to be easiest possible way to put it on, it is rather a difficult one – for us it took both hands to be accomplished. Once correctly installed, the headset is very well secured to the cochlea and there is no chance that it accidentally drops. Just tighten the ear-hook round your ear and regardless of its size the headset will neither play vertically nor horizontally – it will remain at its proper place.

The lack of padding on PV705 earpiece causes an unpleasant irritation after a relatively short wear. This sensation is even more increased by the pressure exerted by the ear-hook upon the cochlea. The overall effect is rendering the set inconvenient for prolonged usage.

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The headset design is neutral: it is not quite big and looks like an ordinary Bluetooth headphone, which leaves the air of too much simplicity and a shortage of distinctive features. The front cover panel is easily replaced (exchangeable color covers) in case the user wants to diversify the color scheme.

This is a balanced headset but, unfortunately, with a far too retro look – despite the exchangeable covers we do not approve of its resemblance to manufacturer’s models of years ago. The lack of DSP is a problem in windy environments for a headset that can otherwise be distinguished for offering a very good sound. One should not underestimate the low comfort during wearing the set, either.


  • Battery time
  • Firm securing to the ear without unwanted play
  • A convenient multi-function button


  • No DSP
  • Relatively large size
  • Design that makes prolonged wearing irritant

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