Samsung Galaxy Fame Review

Samsung Galaxy Fame

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Samsung Galaxy Fame Review

What happens if you shrink a Samsung Galaxy S III? You end up with a Galaxy S III mini. What happens if you shrink the mini then? Well, the Samsung Galaxy Fame would be the end result – a low-end Android smartphone that is about to be thoroughly examined. It offers a 3.5-inch screen, 1GHz processor, 5MP camera, and 4GB of storage. Yeah, that's nothing to write home about, but whoever's attention gets drawn by the Fame would be most likely attracted by its low price tag rather than its specs. Whether it's capable of delivering enough bang for its buck will be known as soon as we give it our review treatment. Read on to learn more!

In the box:

  • Wall charger
  • microUSB cable
  • Quick start guide

Samsung Galaxy Fame Unboxing:


Cute as a cuddly critter – that's how we'd briefly describe the Samsung Galaxy Fame. Thanks to its pebble-like shape, the smartphone is a delight to handle and operate, especially since its curvy body makes it fit perfectly in the hand. Plastic is what the device is made out of, but it lacks the cheap feel that entry-level phones are usually associated with. Quite the opposite, the Galaxy Fame feels pretty solid in the user's palm due to its sturdy construction. Our only complaint is that its glossy front and back sides retain a little bit of finger smudge, but that's just a minor issue that most users won't be bothered by.

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The Samsung Galaxy Fame is equipped with an excellent set of physical buttons – a volume rocker on the left, power key on its right side, and a home button underneath its screen. All of them are easy to reach and provide very good tactile feedback. The two capacitive buttons that complement the home key are also well within reach.


The Samsung Galaxy Fame might be pretty, but its LCD screen surely isn't. That's due to its low resolution of only 320 by 480 pixels spread across 3.5-inches in diagonal. Needless to say, pixelation around the curves of graphic elements is easily noticeable. The display's viewing angles and color representation are also somewhat disappointing. Since the screen's surface reflects a lot of the light that hits it, using the phone outdoors on a sunny day is practically impossible unless you boost its brightness to the maximum. That is done manually as it lacks light sensor, via the brightness slider placed in the drop-down notification bar.


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PhoneArena rating:
Display3.5 inches, 320 x 480 pixels (165 ppi) TFT
Camera5 megapixels
Single core, 1000 MHz
Size4.46 x 2.43 x 0.46 inches
(113.2 x 61.6 x 11.6 mm)
4.25 oz  (121 g)
Battery1300 mAh, 8.66 hours talk time

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